My First Peplum

While everyone else has been looking adorable in their peplum shirts for the past year, I have been looking aimlessly for just ONE that didn't make me look like a hippo! I am a huge advocator for dressing properly for your body shape. Even if something is in "style" that doesn't mean I will wear it, UNLESS I feel like it flatters my shape. For example I can NOT wear the "big tunic, shapeless" tops... When I try one on, I automatically look like I gained 20 pounds, so I accepted that, and pass on that style.

Here is my new peplum top I found at TJMaxx for 12.99 and my new burgundy skirt from the Van-Heusen outlet for $24.00.

 photo peplum.png

Here's a closer shot of my new $4 necklace from Rue 21.
 photo peplum3.png

My husband preached in the high school chapel today! He did such a great job! I'm so blessed to have him!
 photo peplum4.png
Love this man!
 photo peplum2.png

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  1. What an adorable couple! I feel you on the hippo top thing. Took me forever too, but I finally found one - on clearance - at AE!

    Have a great hump day!
    XOXO Fal

  2. I have to be careful with peplum, this one looks great on you! Very cool about your hubby getting to preach too :)

  3. Peplum is tricky for me too-- most the peplum tops I've tried on have been too short for me. You and your hubs look great together :)

  4. Oh, burgundy... How I love it! :) I've yet to find my perfect fitted peplum. I have a few of the loose-ish ones but nothing structured. The hunt continues... I do like the stripes!

  5. Ahhh finally someone else who feels the same way about Peplum! I LOVE the look, but it just doesn't work for me :( I think it's because my torso is too long. Anyway, I'm glad you found one you like - it really does look so cute on you!

  6. Adorable top! It's hard to believe anything would make you look like a hippo! But I do agree- don't be a follower just to be a follower! And I do believe that peplum was worth the way bc it fits you great!

  7. That top looks great on you! While I own several peplum tops, I've had trouble finding ones that flatter as well! I've learned that the less dramatic the better they look on me!


  8. You look amazing in this peplum! I too have trouble finding flattering peplums. Sometimes I hate being a pear shape...
    This is seriously so cute though! I love the wine skirt with it.


  9. Cute top! You look great in it! I am still on the hunt for one!


  10. FYI Lauren I nominated you for the Leibster Award on my blog today!
    Check it out <3

    XOXO Fal

  11. Really love the outfit. I have the same problem with the tunic tops. Somehow I always end up looking like a circus tent. Way to make it work for you AND for such a great price!



  12. That peplum fits you perfectly. I love how it's a little more structured than some others that I've seen. Love your necklace too!

  13. Aww lovely picture of your both, great outfit, love your top :)

    Thanks for linknig up to Share your style Saturdays :)

  14. LOVE this peplum top. It's even got cute little buttons. Oh my goodness, it's adorable and looks great with this skirt! You and your husband make a lovely couple, and your hair is great :)

  15. Okay, that outfit is amazing for such a great deal! I'm so jealous!

    Be sure to LINK UP on my blog! Xoxo


  16. You definitely found a flattering peplum top! I, too, took a long time to find a peplum top, one that was longer for my long-waisted body. And your peplum with that burgundy skirt looks fab! Such a great color combination as we head into fall. :)

  17. You look terrific! I am still yet to find a peplum top that I don't look terrible in. You rock it.


  18. Cute outfit! Love that it's stuff I can afford : ) You guys are a cute couple! Thanks for sharing all your link-ups too!

  19. Love your outfit! I had a peplum dress when I was 13-14 but I haven't purchased one since they have come back in style. It's on my wish list.


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