One Skirt, 9 Ways

If you have followed me for a while, you know that I am a very big believer in remixing my closet! I love to find many different ways to wear the pieces in my closet. I try my hardest not to repeat an outfit. Today, I'm going to show you 9 different ways you could style a maxi skirt. I got this maxi skirt from Martin's.

Martin's is a great store with phenomenal customer service. Their website has a lot of cute dresses, skirts, tops, and sandals! All of my followers can get 15% off of your purchase using the code: modernmodesty15. I hope you find lots of cute for the spring and summer!

 photo maxi10.jpg


Style Tips for Men

I've done a post about men's style one time before, and it was a hit, so I thought I would take another post and help a brother out! ;)

I know MOST of my readers are ladies, so this will help you, HELP (not nag or pester) the man in your life. Some of you might have very stylish husbands by their own doing, yay for you! I have a very style-conscious husband. (I'm glad, because I couldn't handle being responsible for dressing him too!) So, this post is more for the ladies who have husbands who let them do their shopping for them, or pick out their clothes for them.

First of all, most of the time we only think style is for ladies. But, that is not true at all! It is not feminine at all for men to be well-dressed and sharp! Especially for men who are in influential positions such as Preachers, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, etc. Sharp, well-fitting clothing encourages others to take you more seriously. My husband is a teacher and a preacher, so he has to dress sharp every day of the week! I am going to use him as my model! (A handsome one in my opinion, too! ;) )

I'm going to give some tips I've learned from my husband, to help you and your husband understand the basics of a sharp man's wardrobe!

1. Every man needs at least one classic suit. The two most classic color suits to have is navy blue and charcoal gray. My husband actually only has 3 suits he wears on a regular basis. He owns dark navy, khaki, and gray suits. When you are buying a suit, make sure it is tailored to fit your husband's body. I've never seen a suit look sharp right off a rack! My favorite suit on my husband is his navy suit!

 photo natty3.jpg


The Perfect Pencil Skirt

I've been on the hunt for the perfect fitting pencil skirt, for ALL body types, and I think I have finally found it! Jade MacKenzie has a new line of Premium Knit Pencil skirts! They are gorgeous and fit perfectly! They are 26 inches long, which is a modest length for all heights, and fully lined. They are made out of a super comfortable, stretchy medium-weight knit. I was so excited to receive the Black & White Polka Dot Skirt to try out! I think it is my new favorite skirt, I want one in every color!

Here's how I styled the Jade MacKenzie pencil skirt.

 photo jade1.jpg