Sunday, April 20, 2014

30 Weeks: Spring Break

I've been enjoying my time off from school in Florida for our Spring Break. It's been so nice to come home and see all my friends and family! I had two baby showers while we were here, and Luke was so spoiled! I'm so excited to see my sweet boy in all those cute outfits! My mom's shower was a "Little Man" theme with his room colors navy & lime. It turned out so cute!

 photo IMAG0020.jpg

My mom did such a great job decorating and planning my shower! Love her!

 photo Easter1.jpg

My second shower was baby blue & rubber ducky themed, and it was also perfectly decorated! My step-mom did such a great job hosting as well!

 photo IMG_25785504554092.jpeg

It was so nice to see my sisters and my Granny!

 photo IMG_35128181122153.jpeg

Today in church, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with emotion as we sang about the Cross. I didn't know when I got pregnant with my son, how much more I would appreciate God sacrificing His only Son for me. I can't even imagine how hard it was for God to give up His only Son! I'm so thankful that Jesus went to cross and rose again for ME, for you, and for each and every sinner in the world. Praise the Lord for His love for us!

 photo easter2.jpg

I can't believe I only 10 weeks left! Time has flown by!

 photo easter3.jpg

 photo easter4.jpg

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Jamberry Nail Giveaway!

I know some of you ladies HAVE to have polish on your nails at all times, but that is definitely not me! I am way too lazy to upkeep with my nails on a regular basis! I do go get a shellac manicure for special events, but other than that...this girl is NOT painting her nails herself. I'm super rough and it chips within 2 days, which always annoys me! On my Facebook group, some ladies have been posting their cute Jamberry nail wraps and I was curious about how they worked and looked like on. Well just about that time, Tricia asked me if I would like to review some Jamberry wraps and then giveaway a full set on my blog! Of course, I would!! Here's how my pink ombre' Jamberry manicure turned out. Pretty good for my first time using wraps, if I do say so myself! ;)

 photo photo3.jpg

 photo jamberry2.jpg

 photo photo1-5.jpg

Here's some fun facts about Jamberry Nail Wraps. The wraps are $15 per sheet, which gives you enough for 2 manicures and 2 pedicures, plus they are Buy 3, Get 1 Free. (Excluding the Collegiate and Nail Art Studio Wraps) They last for 10-14 days on fingers and 4-6 weeks on toes. If you want to receive a free sample, just fill this out, and she will send you one! :)

Good luck on the giveaway, I will announce the winner Tuesday morning! There is over 300 designs, so start narrowing them down to the one you want if you win!

 photo 10168278_10152054502533173_1595021152_n.jpg

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

28 Weeks: Mint & Maxi

Sigh, I'm finally all un-packed and have my life back in order! We took a LONG road trip this past weekend to see my brother in law get married in Indiana (13 hours)...Let's just say I don't suggest ANY 7 month pregnant women to take a 13 hour long road trip in a little car! Not ideal, but I survived! :) I'm so excited next weekend we're going to Florida to have my two baby showers at home! My mom and step-mom have been working so hard planning my two baby showers! I'm excited to see all my friends and family! :) Pray for me as I take another long road trip again!! This one is only 7 and a half hours though.

Sorry, I didn't get to post last week, I was SO busy packing and out of town, so I decided to do a mid-week post! Last year, mint was the big spring color, and I'm still in love with it! I paired it with my gray/black striped maxi skirt! This is such a comfortable outfit!

I got to go soul-winning with my husband tonight and got to see him lead two people to the Lord. There is nothing better than serving God along side the love of your life! I wouldn't trade it for anything! I'm so glad my son will have a Daddy that loves God! I'm also thankful that he is always willing to be my photographer at random times! ;)

 photo mintmaxi1.jpg

 photo mintmaxi2.jpg

 photo mintmaxi3.jpg

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Organizing Your Closet

Last night, my husband asked me why I still had all my pre-pregnancy clothes hanging up in my closet. I told him it was because I am too lazy to put them away! So, he helped me get all our space bags out and I finally transferred my closet over to all maternity friendly clothes! You wouldn't believe how much easier it is to get dressed when you can visibly see all your options! (AND you can fit in them all!) Your brain gets overloaded when you have too many clothes/you can't fit in half of them!

I don't know about you, but even when I would go through my closet before I was pregnant, I never want to get rid of any clothes. I guess I'm emotionally attached to them...even though I don't wear most of them. But, my husband is a great help in that area, he isn't sentimental at all. :) So, here's some tips I've learned on how to weed out your closet.

1. Unless you have a HUGE walk-in closet, only hang up CURRENT season clothes. I'm a huge believer in putting away winter clothes when winter is over, and pulling out summer clothes! Yes, there will be some pieces that are year round, but you should be able to put away a good amount when the seasons change.

2. Color coordinate your closet. No explanation needed other than it's so much easier to "see" what you have to wear when you know exactly where it is hung up at.

3. Separate skirts/dresses/tops. I keep my dresses all on the left side, my skirts on my lower rack, and my tops on the upper rack, all separately color coordinated.

4. Weed through your clothes! Go through your closet every season and give away all the items you know are outdated, don't fit, or you just don't wear! It is so much easier to create new outfits when you actually wear ALL your clothes. Be honest with yourself in this area, if you haven't worn in for 3 months (not because it was too cold, but just because you didn't wear it) then TOSS IT! :)

5. Create new outfits. When you get a free day one day, go through your entire closet and try on a bunch of new options and create new mental outfits, that you can go back to and wear later on. You can also take a picture in the ones you really like so you don't forget about them!

I hope these few tips help you organize your closet! I felt like a new woman this morning, when I looked in my closet and could see so many new outfit options!

I know I just wore this tank a couple of weeks ago, but since it's not maternity, I'm not sure how much longer it will fit this growing belly! So here it is again, with a different color combo!

 photo dots2.jpg

 photo dots3.jpg

 photo dots1.jpg

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

27 Weeks: Navy & Coral

I finally made it to the 3rd trimester!! Only 13 weeks left!!!! Honestly, I don't mind being pregnant, the only thing I really get annoyed about, is not being able to wear my regular clothes. I hate being limited!! I used to de-stress by going shopping, now I get stressed when I go shopping...It's definitely not easy to find cute maternity clothes. Most make you look like a blimp, or are not cute at all. Yes, I'm whining. :) I am SO ready to go shopping and be able to shop at every store, not just Motherhood!

Speaking of Motherhood, I found this dress at Motherhood on the sale rack for $16 dollars because one of the little belt loops was not attached! I fixed that, thank you very much Motherhood "AS-IS" rack! :) I'd been eyeballing this dress for a couple of months, but wasn't going to pay $34 for it.. (Yes, I'm that cheap!) So, when I found it, I was ecstatic! My husband really likes it on me too, so that makes me happy too!

 photo stripes1.jpg

 photo stripes2a.jpg

Have a great week! Happy Sunday!

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

26 Weeks: Lime & Navy

I can't believe I'm already in my last week of the second trimester! I'm almost to the home stretch! This pregnancy has flown by! I can't wait to feel my little man wiggle outside of my body!;) I know women say when their babies moved it was their favorite thing about being pregnant...I guess I'm weird, because I'm still not used to feeling random kicks and sudden movements in my stomach at all hours of the day and night! It is reassuring to know he is healthy and moving around in there though. I haven't really shared much about my pregnancy, so I thought I'd do a little pregnancy questionnaire, it will be good for me to have to look back on too!

Todays date: March 23, 2014

How many weeks pregnant are you?: 26 Weeks 3 days

How many days until your due date?: 95 days!

How big is baby?: As big as an eggplant. (9.2 inches, 2 lbs)

What milestones has your developing baby reached this week?: Eyes start to open

What are some of your pregnancy symptoms?: Heartburn, back & neck pain.

Any cravings?: Weirdly enough, I've craved side salads with ranch from steakhouses, baked potatoes, Sprite, and chips! :)

Food Aversions?: Not really, I'm not picky!

What was your best moment this week?: My husband took me on a "babymoon" to the beach and I woke up at 3 a.m. in the hotel room and just stared at him while he slept, praying for him and thanking God that he gave him to me to be the father of our son. It was a really special sentimental moment. :)

What are you looking forward to next week?: Being in the 3rd trimester!

What emotions have you been experiencing this week?: It's been a very emotional week for me, I was slightly depressed of how big I am getting, and knowing that I'm only going to get bigger in the next 14 weeks doesn't help to think about. Also, I am planning to have a natural, water birth, so sometimes I randomly get very insecure about whether I can "do it" or not.

Are you wearing maternity clothes yet?: Oh yes, I'm carrying very low, so I can't wear any of my regular skirts, but I can still wear most of my shirts.

Have any stretch marks?: Not yet, PRAISE God. Hopefully that stays that way! Cocoa butter, please don't fail me.

How much weight have you gained?: 16 lbs. I think...going to the midwife this week.

Has your belly button popped out?: No, and I really think that's gross! I will totally put a band aid over it, if it does!

Have you felt any kicks?: Oh yes, all day and night. My son is definitely going to be a soccer player like his daddy!

Know the gender yet?: He is 100% a boy! :)

Have you decided on a name?: Luke Daniel ♥

What has dad been up to this week?: He has been running lots, training for his upcoming 5K.

How has your sleep been?: Umm...not the greatest, I wake up a lot.

Any guesses when you will go into labor?: June 24!

That was fun, now here's my outfit! I am wearing Mr. Luke's nursery colors today, lime & navy! I absolutely love lime and navy, and thought it was a different color scheme for a boy's room. He is going to have a preppy, nautical theme with Lacoste alligator looking bedding. It's super cute!

 photo week262.jpg

 photo 26weeks3.jpg

 photo 26weeks1.jpg

Don't forget to enter into the Paparazzi giveaway that's still going on until Tuesday morning!

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Paparazzi Giveaway!

Have any of you ever heard of Paparazzi jewelry? I had never heard of it until I got an email from Tricia telling me about her business! The coolest thing about Paparazzi Accessories is that everything is only $5! Tricia so sweetly sent me a statement necklace so I could show you guys what some of their jewelry looks like on! Not only did she send me a necklace/earring set, but she also wants to giveaway any set of your choice to you for free! How awesome?! I'm so excited that one of you will win a new necklace/earring set! You can check on Tricia's website or Facebook to see what you have to choose from! :) The giveaway is below!

Here's the Orange Teardrop Necklace I picked out!

 photo prazzi1.jpg

 photo prazzi2.jpg

I finally used my bella band today! Kind of feels weird to leave your skirt half way unzipped and just put this thing over it…I'm constantly checking on it all day.

 photo prazzi3.jpg

 photo prazzi4.jpg

 photo prazzi5.jpg

We will be announcing the winner on Tuesday morning the 25th! Good luck! Love you all ♥

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