Lady Entrepreneur: Aly's Boots

I don't know about you, but I love entrepreneurs, especially Christian, lady ones! :) My friend Alyssa is an amazing entrepreneur who invented rain boots with reversible, removable wraps! She sent me a pair to show off to you ladies, and I know my fellow rain boot fans will love her idea!

Here's a little bit more about Aly's Boots.

Our unique patent-pending design features a specially made rain boot that has a slight indention which allows the wraps to sit flush on the boots. The wraps themselves are easy-to-clean, machine washable, and waterproof! How amazing is that? The wraps are also so easy to put on and take off. There are elastic bands on the boots that slip easily over the buttons on the wraps to keep the wraps secured to the boots. The wraps come in several different cute designs to help you complete any outfit. Now you can look cute and stylish on any gloomy day without spending a fortune!

 photo IMAG4117.jpg


Dainty Jewell's: Charming in Lace

I'm super excited about today's post! This is my second collaboration with Dainty Jewell's and I am once again SOOOOOOO impressed with their dresses! I just want to get married all over again, so I can use their dresses as my bridesmaid's dresses! ;) LOL! But, seriously the delicate detail is to die for! If you are tall and can't find dresses long enough, I promise these dresses will be VERY modest! (It's actually a tad TOO long on me, but still pretty overall!) If you are interested in Dainty Jewell's dresses, I HIGHLY recommend them! They are very true to her sizing chart. I am a 10 and the medium fits perfectly.

The dress I ordered was the Charming in Lace dress in Beige.

 photo dainty2_1.jpg


For When I am Weak...

Hello friends!! Yes, I'm still alive! :) I'm sorry, I kind of took a 2 week break! We've been SUPER busy and thank God I have been feeling a lot better! If you missed my last post, I explained how I have been sick for the past couple of months. Two weeks ago, I cut out all gluten out of my diet and it has seemed to really transform my stomach issues. The withdrawal process was hard, but thank God, I can function much better now! Since the majority of my pain is gone, my anxiety has gotten WAY better. I have also started using essential oils, which have helped immensely as well! Just wanted to give you all an update, since many of you have messaged me asking me how I was doing! Thank you for your love & prayers!

This past Friday, I was going to lunch and my husband met me with a huge vase of flowers & a card. I opened the card and was so shocked that 30 of my Modern Modesty friends had gotten together and raised some money and sent me three $100 gift cards to my favorite stores, just because! I have never been so surprised and felt SO LOVED in my entire life! Thank you to all the ladies who participating in making me feel SO loved during this hard time!

 photo weak1.jpg