22 Weeks: I Guess I'm a Mermaid

When I walked into my 7/8th grade class this morning the girls all said, "You look like a mermaid!" I was like…thanks? Haha… Then, I walked into my 9/10th grade class, and the girls all said, "You look like a mermaid!" Oh my word, I was so confused why, so I asked them, and they said it was my "scales" on my shirt…haha, aka. sequins in the land of adults! So, today, I am a mermaid :)

I have been sick with a sinus infection for the past week, so I'm barely starting to recover, so forgive my sickliness look! ;) I had this outfit picked out for church yesterday, but my husband made me stay in bed and get better, so I wore it today! It follows my photo challenge from yesterday and today, color blocking and statement necklaces!

I love the colors mint and royal blue together, they're so springy/summery!

 photo mermaid1.jpg

 photo mermaid3.jpg

Don't forget to enter in the giveaway, it ends Friday!

 photo photo1-4.jpg

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Honestly Me Giveaway

A couple of weeks ago, the owner of Honestly Me asked me if I would like to host a giveaway for a dress, of course I said yes! I know you all love free clothes! This polka dot dress is darling! It is navy, with a chiffon overlay. Super di-duper modest too!

Here's the picture of the dress we're giving away! If you would like a chance to win it, just simply like Honestly Me and my Facebook page! :) Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

 photo honestlyme1.jpg

I will announce the winner on Friday! So keep your fingers crossed! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can check out more of Honestly Me's dresses on her website, and she also takes pre-orders. All of her clothes are very modest. You can read more about why Meira opened up her clothing line on her website as well. So, take a look! Good luck! :)

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Undeniable Bump

For my whole first trimester I couldn't wait to get a baby bump…now that it is definitely here, I'm like NOOOOOOOOO…I want to be skinny! Haha! I think every pregnant woman must go through this, or I'm just shallow... I know there is a precious baby boy growing inside of me, but at the same time I feel so out of control of my body. I've only gained 5 pounds so far, but I feel/look like I've gained 20 lbs. The worst part is when people say, "This is nothing, just wait until you're 8 or 9 months pregnant, you really will be huge"…Umm..Thanks, sweet people of the world! (Not a great thing to say to someone who doesn't want to get huge!)

My husband thinks I'm hilarious that a month ago I couldn't wait for someone to notice I was pregnant without me telling them, but in Target the other day when we were registering, a man walked by us and said, "Congratulations!" I was so sad he could tell I was pregnant…lol! Must be the hormones making me bi-polar! :)

Anyways, but here is my outfit I wore to church today! This is one of my favorite outfits, I love this zebra top and mustard together!

Excuse the sun rays all in the pictures, it was super sunny!

 photo zebra1.jpg

 photo zebra2.jpg

Here's the undeniable bump of mine! 5 months down, 4 to go!

 photo zebra3.jpg

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21 Weeks: Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day, it's one of my favorite holidays! Why, you ask?…because I love LOVE! :) My husband and I aren't big on gifts, because we buy each other whatever we want all throughout the year, so when holidays come, we're always like…I don't need or want anything! So, we just do the usual, flowers, candy, and a nice date to a restaurant. I'm so excited to go out to eat tonight, I LOVE not having to cook! :)

Here's my date night outfit! My new black dress from Motherhood is definitely going to be one of my favorite dresses, it's so comfy! I paired it with a red cami, leopard wedges, and a big red & gold statement necklace!

 photo vday2.jpg

 photo vday1.jpg

 photo vday5.jpg

I love my Valentine! He's the best! ♥

 photo vday3.jpg

My card from my husband, it made me laugh hysterically!

 photo photo-48.jpg

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Homecoming: How to Dress Modestly

Our school had their homecoming last night, and I couldn't stop ooOOOoooing and Aawwwwwing over the girls' dresses. Not only were they all gorgeous, but they were all also so modest! I thought this would make a perfect post on how to dress modestly for a formal event.

First of all, you have to find a dress to work with! Most any dress can be made into a modest gown, but some are much harder than others or just don't look good once you doctor them up. For example, I wouldn't try to fix any dress that had a very low back, one shoulder, mermaid style, or cut-outs in the stomach area. I would pass on all of those types of dresses. So, once you find your dress, then you need to assess what needs to be "fixed" on it.

Secondly, if it is a strapless or spaghetti strapped dress, you need to find something to cover your shoulders with. This is where dresses can be ruined…You have to have a cute jacket, or it can totally throw your whole dress off. I think the girls at our school did a GREAT job with their cute little boleros. Most of them all accented their dresses.

Thirdly, you want to make sure it is high enough in the front. If it isn't, you can add a piece of material pinned inside the top of your dress to give it a couple of extra inches to hide any cleavage. You can also wear a lace camisole, you just have to make sure it's not too "casual" looking.

So, those are my tips on how to make your formal dress modest! Here's some pictures from last night!

I was a chaperone, so I wasn't supposed to be formal, just semi-formal, so I wore a cute satin dress I've had for a while from Marshalls.

 photo homecoming1.jpg

Here's some great examples of nice boleros that accent their dresses.

 photo homecoming2.jpg

Here is all the beautiful girls! Sorry the picture quality is so bad, our gym has terrible lighting!

 photo homecoming3.jpg

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ModCloth: Valentine's Day Date Outfit

I was so excited to get an email from ModCloth's ModStylist asking me to participate in their Uniquely You campaign. They asked me to style a gorgeous dress of theirs with some items from their ModCloth website and share it on my blog! Then, they will pick a winner on Monday to be featured on the ModCloth's Polyvore page! Wish me luck! :)

The dress is the Evening of Extravagance Dress. (TO DIE FOR!) If I wasn't pregnant, I would totally buy this for a Valentine's Day date dress, so I styled it like I would wear it out to a fancy schmancy restaurant!

Mod-Cloth Valentine's Day

They also have TONS of other GORGEOUS dresses for great prices! So in love with ModCloth! :)

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20 Weeks: Black, White, & Cobalt

If you are following along with the February Closet Challenge, today is Black & White! My favorite color to pair with black and white is obviously cobalt. (I wear this color combo A LOT!) But, pretty much any bright color can be paired with b & w to jazz it up!

Please excuse my face and hair…It's been a long day at school today, lol! Pregnant + teaching + math + junior highers = this look. :) On a side note, I love this peplum, it's my fav!

 photo bwcobalt1.jpg

 photo bwcobalt2.jpg

Here's the belly, growing week by week!
 photo bwcobalt3.jpg

If you missed the challenge, here it is again!
 photo modmodfeb1.jpg

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Be a Life Changer

I read this blog post today, The New Church Lady, and instantly it brought me back to the first time I went to the youth group at my church.

I was your "average" 14 year old public high school girl. I was very involved in cheerleading, singing groups, drama, and weightlifting. But, my parents got concerned I was headed down the wrong path, hanging out with the wrong crowd, so they started bringing me to the Youth Group at our church. (By the way, I am SO thankful my parents did this, because I WAS headed down the wrong path.) I started going to youth group, and met my Youth Pastor and his wife, they were both very fun and loving. I never once felt "judged" or "looked down upon". Believe me, I was ROUGH around the edges, I was super loud, opinionated, and definitely didn't come to church dressed appropriately. But thank God, my youth pastor and his wife, saw something in me. They knew I had potential to do something great for God one day, and they told me that. I loved coming to church, learning more about the Bible and God. It was a whole new world for me. They brought me to Youth Conferences, revivals, fun activities, and I knew I wanted to have a life like they had, not the life I was headed down. So, if you've read my testimony about my transformation of my outward appearance, you know I changed from the inside out. I wanted to get rid of EVERY thing sinful in my life, that I knew was holding me back from living for God. I threw out my bad music, hoochie clothes, stopped hanging around friends that were bringing me down, and started replacing it all with Godly things. My Youth Pastor gave me all new music, I started hanging out with my Pastor's daughter, and everything literally fell into place for me. I remember asking my Youth Pastor's wife why she dressed the way she did, and the best advice she ever gave me was, "Let God change your heart, before you worry about your outside appearance." You know what, I did let God change my attitude, my desires, my dreams, and He gave me everything I could of ever dreamed of and more. This isn't a brag post AT ALL. I'm simply writing this to help fellow saved ladies that have influence over people in their churches. Please don't judge them or pick them apart when they first come to church. Give God a chance to change them from the inside out. If you love on them, I promise you, God will work through you to help them become exactly what God wants them to be.

By the time I was 15, I was winning hundreds of young people and teenagers to the Lord, including my Mom. I was very blessed to have a church filled of "Life Changers". They weren't there to be holier than thou, they were there to help reach the lost and disciple saved Christians. Thank God, I was one of the ones who was changed! Be a life changer, there is no greater reward on earth to see your converts grow in grace!

 photo f9c225ae040a56d9d62ac915063a6472.jpg

Here's some of my life changers:

 photo fampic.jpg
First and foremost, my Dad and my step-mom who brought me to church!

 photo g.jpg
My Youth Pastor and his wife both were vital in my growing process!

 photo 100_2765-1.jpg
My Pastor and his wife (who won my Dad and I to the Lord)

 photo IMG_1945-1.jpg
My best friend and Pastor's daughter, Katelyn. I wouldn't of made it through high school with out her!

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