Homecoming: How to Dress Modestly

Our school had their homecoming last night, and I couldn't stop ooOOOoooing and Aawwwwwing over the girls' dresses. Not only were they all gorgeous, but they were all also so modest! I thought this would make a perfect post on how to dress modestly for a formal event.

First of all, you have to find a dress to work with! Most any dress can be made into a modest gown, but some are much harder than others or just don't look good once you doctor them up. For example, I wouldn't try to fix any dress that had a very low back, one shoulder, mermaid style, or cut-outs in the stomach area. I would pass on all of those types of dresses. So, once you find your dress, then you need to assess what needs to be "fixed" on it.

Secondly, if it is a strapless or spaghetti strapped dress, you need to find something to cover your shoulders with. This is where dresses can be ruined…You have to have a cute jacket, or it can totally throw your whole dress off. I think the girls at our school did a GREAT job with their cute little boleros. Most of them all accented their dresses.

Thirdly, you want to make sure it is high enough in the front. If it isn't, you can add a piece of material pinned inside the top of your dress to give it a couple of extra inches to hide any cleavage. You can also wear a lace camisole, you just have to make sure it's not too "casual" looking.

So, those are my tips on how to make your formal dress modest! Here's some pictures from last night!

I was a chaperone, so I wasn't supposed to be formal, just semi-formal, so I wore a cute satin dress I've had for a while from Marshalls.

 photo homecoming1.jpg

Here's some great examples of nice boleros that accent their dresses.

 photo homecoming2.jpg

Here is all the beautiful girls! Sorry the picture quality is so bad, our gym has terrible lighting!

 photo homecoming3.jpg

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  1. Oh how beautiful do they all look! Gorgeous, gorgeous. I love that these girls WANT to dress modestly and appreciate their bodies instead of putting them on display for others. Wonderful sisters in Christ!

  2. Aww you all are so pretty in your prom outfits!!! Love it!

  3. They DID do a great job making their dresses modest & appropriate. You look great too...over 20+ weeks... wow!

  4. How neat that they all are so modest and lovely! :) I like their creativity. Your dress is also cute!
    Sunday Best and All the Rest

  5. Love your dress :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  6. Loved this! I worked at a modest bridal and formal gown shop for 5 years, and I know that besides that shop people have hardly any options for modest formal wear! We had people traveling from all over the company because it's SO hard to find modest formalwear. I just did a post on extender slips to help add length to skirts and dresses for modesty. Check it out if you'd like! I always feel more confident posting about modesty knowing that I'm not the only one who believes in modesty!

  7. It makes me so happy to see so many young ladies choosing to dress modestly! They are beautiful, not showing all of their goods! I love it!
    You look beautiful of course! How are you feeling?

  8. And there are some great online shops that make short sleeved dresses that I've stumbled across over the past few years. Personally, I do think that the little jackets sometimes take away from the dress, so I love finding sources of dress that are made with sleeves!

  9. Please tell your girls that this blog reader just loves how great they look!
    Thankfully, with the world of internet, there are so many more modest formal options available now than there used to be!

  10. Wow! Absolutely Modestly Gorgeous!!! Need I say more?

  11. Nice! I saw a few kids at a yogurt shop before one of their dances last week. They were dressed in VERY revealing dresses. I'm glad to see these girls value themselves!

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