Modest Maven Monday: Candy

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It's Monday again! I kind of love Mondays being a stay at home mom, it's just another day! Today I am featuring a GREAT lady! I am trying to give you a wide range of ladies from age to size, so that way you can relate to at least one lady! Many ladies give up on their fashion sense when they get over 50, but not Candy! She's super cute and stylish!


Custom Modest Formal Dresses

I have so many ladies message me and ask me where they can find modest bridesmaids or formal dresses. I'm so excited to have found this new option for you ladies! K-Couture is an online boutique with TONS of dresses that are customizable and at a great price. I was so excited to try out their design-a-dress feature! I literally designed my own dress down to the fabric, color, sleeves, and length! If you have an upcoming wedding or event that you need a modest formal dress for, keep K-Couture in your mind! I am very pleased with my dress! K-Couture is giving all Modern Modesty readers 10% off their own dress by using the code Dress10, be sure to go check it out!

Here's the dress I designed! I really love the color and fit!

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Lilla Rose Giveaway

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I was asked to do a review & giveaway for Lilla Rose. Lilla Rose offers beautiful, various sized hair jewelry. Their most popular hair accessory is the flexi clip, which comes in seven different sizes and works in all hair types. The range of sizes allows for pulling your bangs back to putting waist-length hair in an updo. Their other hair jewelry includes adjustable headbands, bobby pins, hair sticks, and more. There is something for everyone! The products are not only beautiful and unique, but also comfortable and durable.


Modest Maven Monday: Jen

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Jen is one of my favorite curvy fashionistas! I am trying to share a broad range of ages and sizes with this Modest Maven Monday series. I hope you are all enjoying the tips and new faces!

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3 Beauty Must-Haves

Someone last week requested I share my make-up secrets so here they are! Hope you enjoy! Sorry, I'm a day late on my post! This summer is kind of crazy for me!

Teeth Whiteners

First off, there is no better accessory than a smile! I don't have the nicest, straightest teeth, but I always try to greet everyone with a smile! A smile makes everyone feel welcome and loved! Don't be stingy with your smile, no matter what your teeth look like, show them off and smile at everyone! I do understand that insecurity of not having perfect teeth, so I was super excited when Smile Brillant contacted me to try out their teeth whitening trays. I haven't whitened my teeth since my wedding, so they were definitely in need! I HIGHLY recommend Smile Brillant!

Smile Brilliant's gives you custom fitted teeth whitening trays! They are hand crafted by dental lab technicians which means they are formed to fit to your teeth with precision. If you go to the dentist for professional whitening you're looking at over $500. Smile Brilliant's whitening trays are identical to those provided by the dentist, but their price tag is not! You will save as much as 70% at Smile Brilliant! Also, as Modern Modesty readers you are going to get an EXTRA 5% off of your custom teeth whitening trays, just use the code: modern1modesty.


Modest Maven Monday: Cesia

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I hope you all are loving these guest posts as much as I am! Today, I have a wonderful lady for you guys! This is a dear friend of mine, Cesia. She is a stylish & spiritual wife and mommy!

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Summer Must-Haves

I just got back from vacation and now I need a vacation from vacation! ;) But, seriously there is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed! I had a great time relaxing and making memories with my family! I hope you all make some time this summer to spend with your family and make some great memories.

In the secular world, obviously their summer must-haves are going to be vastly different than my summer must-have list. No high-waisted booty shorts, bikinis, or revealing tank tops on this list. (Sorry!) :) My list is just going to cover some basic, great summer pieces!

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Top: TJmaxx
Skirt: JCPenney
Necklace & Bracelet: Rocksbox (use my code: modernmodestyxoxo to get a free month)
Wedges: Ross


Modest Maven Monday: Alaina

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I am so excited to share another wonderful lady with you! Alaina, is a gorgeous, sweet girl! I hope you enjoy her outfit and tips!

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What Is The Truth?

If you turn on the news, scroll through your social media feed, or listen to people talk, you will hear so many different opinions on just about anything and everything. If Christians are not careful and do not know the real truth, we can easily be swayed away from the truth with some nice-sounding words someone writes on Facebook. We have to know and believe that the ONLY truth is the Word of God; nothing less, nothing more.

My husband and I have been talking about how crazy hard it is going to be to raise a child in this culture. The only thing we can do is teach our son the truths of the Bible and teach him to seek God in every decision he makes. We can't allow this world to dictate what is right or wrong, we must use the Bible as the only source of truth!

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." -Psalm 119:105

I know that my blog is a modest fashion blog, but I never want to make that my main focus. My main goal is to share Christ with unbelievers and to help strengthen fellow Christian ladies. Pretty outfits are just a fun addition to the Christian life! ;)

I've been on summer break for about two weeks now, and I never thought I would say this, but I am already bored! I don't like not having anywhere to go everyday! Don't get me wrong, I love being lazy and playing with my baby all day, but that got old real fast! I miss getting dressed up everyday! So, my posts may be shorter than usual, since I probably won't have 7 days of outfits to share! :)

Here's some of my outfits from the last two weeks!

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Modest Maven Monday: Rachel

We are going to be doing a special series on Modern Modesty featuring some of my favorite real life fashionistas! The first lady is Rachel who is a stay at home momma of 4 adorable children. She is currently a missionary's wife and will share more of her story with you! I am SO thankful for her willingness to share some of her style tips with us today!
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I want to thank Lauren for asking me to do this, and I hope somehow it will be a blessing! I had the privilege to grow up in a Pastor’s home where the Word of God was read daily and the things of the Lord were preeminent in everyday life. I praise the Lord continually for my upbringing, and strive to use the instruction that was given to me not only to guide my path, but to help others as well. “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required:” Luke 12:48b

While in Bible College, I met the perfect man for me! He was everything that I had prayed for and so much more! After we were married, my husband served as an Associate Pastor/Youth Pastor for nearly 8 years. Then the Lord called our family into the greatest mission field in the world, the United States military (my husband told me to say that!). We are actively serving the Lord as missionaries to the military with my husband being a Chaplain in the US Army. We have been abundantly blessed with 4 children—2 boys and 2 girls. Being a Mom is one of the greatest joys of my life and I’m thankful to be able to stay at home with my children, as well as homeschool them.

I’ve had a love for clothes and feminine style since I was a young girl. I believe it was passed down to me through my grandmother who worked at a ladies department store and took me on my first shopping trip when I was just seven years old. So when a friend from my college days introduced me to Modern Modesty about 2 years ago, it definitely sparked an interest in this clothes-loving girl! I’ve met so many wonderful ladies that I would have never known had it not been for Modern Modesty, and new friendships have blossomed through it. It’s great to be able to get new ideas, as well as encourage one another in our desire to be modest, yet fashionable! Modesty is very important to me, and I want to please my Lord in what I wear. I hope to look cute and somewhat fashionable, but never sacrificing modesty for fashion’s sake.

I didn’t know my body type or even my particular style until ModMod. I’ve learned to look for more classic pieces to build a more versatile wardrobe, and been challenged to be a thrifty shopper! Some of the ladies from ModMod are unbelievable at finding great deals!

Any beauty tips or fashion advice I have to offer is nothing you haven’t heard before, but I try to follow these guidelines in my life personally:

~ A radiant smile is the finishing touch to any outfit~ I believe in the power of Crest white strips!

~ Don’t get hung up on sizes~ There’s an array of different sizes in my closet-it’s about the fit, not the size!!!

~ Even as a SAHM, fixing my hair, and wearing a little make-up usually pave the way for a more productive day… and I don’t have to worry about scaring people away if someone comes to the front door!!!

~ Don’t forget to moisturize your neck! No one wants a young face, but an OLD neck! Hehe!

~ Avoid too much sun exposure~ It’s a golden tan when you’re younger, and extra wrinkles and sun spots when you’re older!

~ If a clothing item costs more than $20.00, it has to be a versatile piece that is classic and will last for a long time, or I won’t pay that much.

~ Even if an item is “in style,” if it’s not me, I don’t wear it. I just admire those who can!

I don’t necessarily have a “favorite outfit”, but I really like this black and white dress I ordered from oldnavy.com a few years ago. It’s has a great classic silhouette that can be dressed up or down and worn with different colors.

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