Modest Maven Monday: Jen

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Jen is one of my favorite curvy fashionistas! I am trying to share a broad range of ages and sizes with this Modest Maven Monday series. I hope you are all enjoying the tips and new faces!

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I’d like to thank Lauren for asking me to be a part of this series. I am truly honored, however I feel quite unworthy.

I have been married for 20 years and have one son who is almost 19 and two children in Heaven. One lived 4 days with us, our daughter, Amanda and one was a miscarriage at about 12 weeks.

My husband and I work in the music ministry at our church. I am the pianist and he is the song leader. I also teach piano on the side, I love my piano students!

I have been a member of Modern Modesty for over a year, and the one thing I love most is seeing how ladies improve each and every time they try new things.

The tip that I try to live by each and every day, is that I am a daughter of the King of Kings, so there is NO reason for me to ever look frumpy! Every time I get ready I think to myself, "Would my King be happy and pleased with this outfit?"

One other tip is to buy some classic pieces that are versatile that you can mix and match with many other pieces. Using that tip, will save you money and give you a different look each time!

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  1. Please tell your friend Jen that her hairstyle, outfit, and colors are super flattering on her. Very chic!

  2. Beautiful outfit Jen! Very fashionable and modest and I love your attitude about getting dressed. It inspired me today :)

  3. I really like your outfit! Do you have a blog?

    1. Elizabeth WilliamsJune 23, 2015 at 9:55 AM

      She has Instagram where she posts outfits. I can't remember her exact username, but it's like "modestplussize" I think?

    2. https://instagram.com/modestplussize/

  4. Elizabeth WilliamsJune 23, 2015 at 9:54 AM

    I already follow her on Instagram!

  5. Oooh. I just saw your instagram,and I think I can adopt some of your style!

    Can you talk about the short-sleeved cardigans? I think I counted 6 - olive, black, red, blue, pink, and navy?

    Do you have a capsule wardrobe? I need to consider that.

    It looks like a lot of your outfits follow a (quite sensible) pattern: printed skirt, solid top, solid cardigan, statement necklace. or solid skirt, printed top, cardigan. with a bold necklace. and classy shoes.

    Do you adjust your clothes to fit? or have them tailored? I wonder if I could knit a spectrum of cardigans like yours, but it would take me a spectrum of years to do it!

    I can copy some of those ideas! Thank you!


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