You're a Child of the King!

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Today as I was getting ready for my very busy Sunday, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed that I get to serve the King of Kings! I think we forget sometimes that we are the children of the one and only true King! As Christian ladies, we are ALL Princesses! We must think, act & dress the part!

I've never seen Dutchess Kate Middleton do or say anything inappropriate or dress frumpy. She is always prim & proper! Not saying that we have to be perfect, but we should always try to do our best to represent the King we serve! This week as you go out and serve the Lord, try to remember you are a Princess!

Here's my Princess looks from last week! ;)

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Frumpy to Fabulous!

One thing that makes me sad is when teenagers or lost people associate modesty with frumpiness. My goal in starting this blog almost 3 years ago was to help ladies get out of their frumpy, modest clothes and into some modern, flattering, modest outfits!

I know as Moms we can put our looks on the back burner, but what we don't realize is that our lack of caring is a bad testimony to our teenagers, our church members, and lost people. If we want the next generation to appreciate modesty, we must make it look attractive to them. Of course, we are not going to compromise God's Word to do so, but we don't have to look like we just woke up either. It's all about balance!

So many ladies are hiding behind their baggy clothes, ponytails, and dark circles, and just honestly don't feel beautiful. I HATE to think that ladies don't think that they are beautiful. EVERY lady is beautiful, because first and foremost God made you perfectly! I want to help you get some of your confidence back. Not because we want to impress others, but because it's important to view yourself in a positive way. I want you to look in the mirror and be confident that you are beautiful.

I asked my good friend Melissa, to help me make the point that looking nice doesn't take THAT much more time, but it does, of course, take a little more effort.

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