The Secret to Success

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The secret to success is to... Keep going. Keep going when you fail, keep going when you're tired, keep going when you're scared, keep going when you're sick, keep going when you don't feel like it... Just keep going!!!

This simple truth can be applied in SO many different areas of our lives, our spiritual growth, our soul-winning, our businesses, our health, our child-rearing, our day-to-day duties! Just keep going! :)

Here's some outfits from this week!

Please be patient with my hair...because I can barely stand it! I'm growing it out, and it's going to be an awkward growing out phase!
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Because it's the New Year, I have been looking for "key" jewelry to remind me of this "key" of success truth and I found this adorable key bracelet! AND it's only $8.40! SCORE!

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PS. I am doing a New Year, New You Series in my personal VIP Facebook group, all about getting a fresh new look this year! If you are stuck in a rut, check it out ----> here! I think it will you help you out greatly!

Have a great week! ♥ God Bless!
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Don't Make God First in Your Life

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If you read the title and thought WHAT? God should always be number one?! What heresy are you saying, Laurén?! Well, let me explain... I always hear people make News Years Resolutions of making God #1, but here's the thing, God already is number 1! He always will be, whether you acknowledge it or not! What our resolutions should be as Christians, is to make God the CENTER of everything we do. We don't have to compartmentalize God, and say God's number one, then my family, then my friends, etc. If we make HIM the center of every relationship, every friendship, every job, every ministry, and every hobby, then He will automatically be first!

"And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him."

My resolution this year is to center all I do around Jesus. I want to read my Bible more, so I can learn more about God. I want to pray more, so I can do greater things for God. I want to share the gospel more, so more people will get to have the gift of Jesus. I want to love people more, so they can see the love of Jesus. I want to look first class, so people know I'm a Child of the King! May this be your goal in 2016 as well!