Guest Post: Melissa in Orange & Navy

Here is our second post in our 6-week Spring Color Combo Series! I asked my dear friend Melissa to do a guest post, and she so sweetly accepted! I always get inspired by her adorable fashion sense! I hope you love her ideas as much as I do!! :)

My favorite color combo trend this spring/summer is orange and navy! I love seeing all things orange and navy in stores right now. Orange is such happy and vibrant color, and navy has always been my favorite neutral by far (so naturally they are a match made in heaven for me!)

For my first "Casual" look, I paired my orange ruffled top (Charlotte Russe), with my dark wash denim skirt (Walmart), striped navy cardigan (JCPenny), complete with orange jewelry and white sandals (also from Charlotte Russe).

 photo 10323010_754559904575720_1708297809_n.jpg

For my second "Dressy-Casual" look, I paired my orange top again with my navy striped skirt (Maurice's), navy cardigan (Hollister), orange skinny belt (Body Central), nude flats (Payless), and same jewelry.

 photo 10264854_754559907909053_1085929708_n.jpg

For my last "Dressy" look, I paired my navy button up top (Charlotte Russe), with my white pencil skirt (Walmart), same skinny belt, nude heels (Payless), and same jewelry.

 photo 10276440_754559901242387_1674157123_n.jpg

Here are my favorite fashion tips to share:
1. Before shopping, make a list of wardrobe items you actually need and about how much you're willing to spend on them. This helps you stay on track and on budget when browsing the racks.

2. You don't have to be rich to buy nice clothes. When I'm shopping, I'll usually scout out what I'm looking for and if the price isn't right, I wait till it's on sale. Most of my entire wardrobe is off the sale and clearance racks. (And I almost never buy an item over $10)

3. Don't be afraid to try new things outfit-wise. Look up what trends are in style right now and see which ones you are drawn to. Then try them on yourself and see if it works. You would probably be surprised what you can pull off and look great in, if you just give it a go!

4. Mixing and matching wardrobe pieces goes a long way to stretch your wardrobe! For the past year, I have tried to never repeat an exact outfit! Whether it's mixing up the jewelry, the skirt, the color cardigan, or adding a scarf, just one piece can be styled several different ways to add more options to your existing wardrobe!!

5. If your stuck on what to wear, pick an item from your closet, then either google or search Pinterest for more outfit ideas that you can recreate. I've done this countless times, and found so many new ways to wear my clothes!!

Hope this has been a help! Special thank's to the talented and beautiful mama-to-be Lauren for this feature!

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Why I Want a Natural Birth

Please note, before you read this I am not judging anyone who has chosen a medicated birth or had a c-section. I am just simply educating women on the benefits of natural birth and the risks of blindly listening to the "normal routine" of hospitals and doctors.

 photo She-believed-she-could-So-she-did-daydreaming-30442809-500-667.jpg

When people ask me where I'm having my baby, and I tell them I'm having a natural water birth at a birth center, I get the same look and phrase from everyone.."Good luck with that!" (with a sarcastic chuckle and big eyes) They say it like I have no idea what I'm getting myself into. Haha! Believe me, I KNOW without a doubt it's going to be the worse pain I'll ever feel in my life, the Bible clearly tells us that, so that's not a surprise to me!

A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world. John 16:21

Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee. Genesis 3:16

Epidurals didn't even become mainstream until the 1970's! (reference) So women for THOUSANDS of years have been giving birth naturally with no medical intervention whatsoever! It is not impossible! Our bodies were created by God Himself to create and deliver a baby! I LOVE researching how our bodies react to contractions and labor, it's truly a miracle how our bodies work! So, just because natural birth is rare nowadays, doesn't mean it's dangerous or crazy. Natural birth is VERY safe in majority of cases. Yes, there are real emergencies and I thank God that we have doctors who can perform c-sections and save many babies' & mother's lives. But when the c-section rate in America is 32.8%, we should scratch our heads and wonder why that is such a HIGH percent! Well, let me tell you why...
it's called unnecessary medical interventions.

Let me go through the list of routine interventions used in a "normal hospital birth" and inform you on the risks associated with each intervention.

1. Unnecessary Induction. "We know that estimated due dates are inaccurate – only 3% to 5% of babies are born on their "guess date" and full term is classed as up to 42 weeks of pregnancy. So for your baby to be born safely when he should be – when he is ready – you need supporting evidence that things are not safe to continue before intervening."-Risks of Induction If you are healthy and the baby is healthy, there is no reason to induce before 42 weeks. The risks of induction are as follows; the need for a c-section, pre-mature birth, low baby heart rate, infection, umbilical cord problems, uterine rupture, and bleeding after delivery. -Mayo Clinic All I ask is to research why your doctor feels you need to be induced, and make sure it is truly necessary to prevent needing more medical interventions!

2. Artificial Rupture of Membranes. This is a form of induction without medication, when a midwife or doctor takes a crochet looking hook, and breaks your water. The risks for this procedure are; increases the risk for infection, prolapsed umbilical cord, fetal heart decelerations, and c-section. When the cushion from the amniotic fluid is gone women have reported being more uncomfortable, so it often increases the likelihood of the mother requesting pain medicine. Once the membranes are ruptured the mother will be running on strict time limits because the longer the water has been broken the more increased risk of infection there is which means she has higher chances of induction and a c-section. -The Birthing Site But there are some cases where this may be a beneficial choice. Breaking the waters allows medical professionals to determine if there is meconium present. If your labor has stalled or become sluggish the ARM may get things moving if performed at the right time.

3. Continuous Electronic Fetal Monitoring. I know you're thinking, this isn't medicine, how is EFM a medical intervention? Women in the continuous EFM group were 1.7 times more likely to have a Cesarean and were slightly more likely to have a forceps/vacuum delivery when compared to women in the intermittent auscultation group. Women in the continuous EFM group were also more likely to require pain medication. -Evidence Based Birth Fetal monitoring is very important but definitely not necessary continuously! EFM also restricts maternal movement, which has been proven to prolong the length of labor. I have chosen to have my baby's heartbeat monitored with a handheld doppler vs. the continual fetal monitoring.

4. Epidurals. All my life, when I thought about having a baby, I always figured I would just get an epidural, until I actually got pregnant and started my crazy first-time mom research! I know about 60-80% of women in America get epidurals and all 60-80% think I'm crazy for not wanting one! But, after doing my research, I have come down to the conclusion that the long-term/short-term risks outweigh the one day of pain I will have to endure. Even the FDA is warning the public about the risks of epidurals. The first reason I don't want an epidural is because it begins the "cascade of interventions" needed. Epidurals are proven to slow down labor/contractions, which increases the need for a c-section. (Which if I can prevent, I want to!) Also, I know so many women who have chronic back pain from their epidurals. Honestly, I will take the excruciating pain that comes with a natural birth, rather than having a pain-free birth and a life-long back ache. Use of epidurals increases the chances of an instrumental birth by vacuum extraction or forceps, which often means an episiotomy is performed. -My Birth Also, epidurals cause nausea, vomiting, shaking, itching, numbness in only one side...aka, WAY more problems I want to deal with! To top it all off, I hate needles, so I am refusing the IV as well! There are a lot of great articles and information about epidurals! I encourage you first-time mommies to research, research, research!

5. Pain Medications (Tranquilizers/Narcotics). If you choose not to get an epidural, some women choose to get pain medication, such as Demerol or Phenergan. Everyone reacts to drugs differently. The most common side effects for Demerol is a drowsy, doped up feeling, possibly with some nausea and vomiting. Because it enters your bloodstream, your baby will feel some effects (the intensity will depend on how close to delivery you receive the drug). Baby's heart rate might drop, and he or she may be sleepy and temporarily unable to nurse. Some babies have to be given oxygen, although all the effects are short-lived and treatable. -What to Expect My friend had two natural births, and decided to get Demerol with her first birth, and she said she regrets it so much, she doesn't remember anything from that day, and didn't even want to hold her baby after the birth, because she was so out of it. No thank you! :)

6. Elected Cesarean. I can't believe someone would actually chose to have a c-section. But, with the celebrities making it a "cool" thing to do now, I figured it would become more mainstream. Victoria Beckham started a little movement "Too Posh too Push"...She elected to have a c-section around David's soccer games, so he could be there and didn't have to miss any games. REALLY? Cesareans are a MAJOR surgery! I have tons of friends who've had to have emergency c-sections and the recovery is SO much harder than a vaginal birth. Yes, it may seem easy to pick your due date and get cut open and sewn up, but it is so much harder to recover from than a vaginal birth. I know many of you who've had c-sections needed them, but this new trend of electing for a c-section with no emergency whatsoever is crazy!!

I know there are so many more interventions, but I just wanted to go over the main routine ones, and why I'm choosing a natural birth! So, please don't tell me I'm crazy! I just want the best for my baby and my body. God made me to be able to do this, so I'm putting myself in His hands, and praying all turns out well!

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Outfit ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms

One of the questions I have gotten the most over the past year of Modern Modesty is what can stay at home moms wear to still look stylish/cute... I LOVE to answer this question, because there are SO many options for comfortable, cute outfits for mommies! I have searched my page of some of my favorite, EASY, quick outfits that stay at home moms can throw together. There is no need for the baggy t-shirt, jean skirt look everyday! **Ahh..Please don't throw sharp knives at me for saying the truth!**

I once heard a preacher's wife say, your husband doesn't stay at home all day with you. He leaves, goes to work, goes to town, sees TONS of beautiful ladies that are wearing adorable, thought out outfits, their hair and make-up is done...Then he comes home to you, wearing a stained, baggy t-shirt, no make-up, a pony-tail, and a baggy jean skirt or yoga pants! Just put yourself in his shoes, he wants to think you're beautiful, but you're making it hard! It really doesn't take that much effort to look cute! I promise! I'm VERY lazy when it comes to getting ready in the mornings, but I have a quick 10 min. make-up routine, blow dry & straighten my hair in under 15 min, and have my clothes ready to go the night before. It makes my life SO much easier! Even though, you may not leave your house, I promise, your husband would love to see you with your hair and make-up done with a cute outfit on when he got home from work! So here is tons of ideas1

 photo 1000689_10151548995573505_624634695_n.jpg

 photo 8544_10201385299497107_764521823_n.jpg

 photo 555048_534644163276248_1725369170_n.jpg

 photo 1457635_664883456876699_373827573_n.jpg

 photo 1380378_10201799820249570_336102870_n.jpg

 photo 999691_10151566619862406_575031093_n.jpg

 photo 971383_10151565219742406_1440938825_n.jpg

 photo 1239886_2726750569814_442124410_n.jpg

 photo 1380637_10202004524302059_616034971_n.jpg

 photo 559440_10202139142183945_1761559999_n.jpg

 photo 1098199_10200286888887315_45178297_n.jpg

 photo 1185553_555791537820041_1436540688_n.jpg

 photo 1240464_2740095263423_1837179447_n.jpg

 photo 62603_10201712275876031_1654260288_n.jpg

 photo 534068_10201723462942878_1540618792_n.jpg

 photo 1506061_235425516632158_1205299847_n.jpg

 photo 1780866_719074661445653_1795509003_n.jpg

Someone asked for some plus-size stay a home mom outfit ideas, so I added some of my dear friend Amanda's outfits! She is SO gorgeous and knows how to dress cute for her shape! Hope these help!

 photo 10178035_10154056709485203_5634830015140631346_n.jpg

 photo 10155741_10154056709315203_2268364232007146333_n.jpg

 photo 1538685_10154056704575203_5575408635258679729_n.jpg

 photo 10289944_10154056709250203_7650007370900862741_n.jpg

 photo 10299520_10154056709270203_5537738746601953584_n.jpg

 photo 10171867_10154056709360203_6262672837270906732_n.jpg

 photo 10172805_10154056704555203_3486979866434829709_n.jpg

 photo 1006089_10154056696690203_4458666278902768066_n.jpg

 photo 10270649_10154056696700203_3990342560853182019_n.jpg

 photo 10258607_10154056704560203_6807273842567236991_n.jpg

 photo 10168195_10154056696715203_7088083248658900460_n.jpg

 photo 1510420_10154056696595203_1265380543942032667_n.jpg

 photo 10297708_10154056704590203_850951617163902313_n.jpg

Maxi/jersey knit skirts are such a great option! When you're out shopping, look for cute patterned shirts that are slightly fitted! TJMaxx, Ross, and Marshalls are my favorite stores to find comfy, casual pieces!

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Spring Color Series: Orange & Teal

Since I'm getting to the end of my pregnancy, (9 weeks left!!) I've asked my friends/fellow admins from Modern Modesty to help me do a Spring Color Series for the next 5 weeks! I'm so excited about this series! I love getting some new ideas on color combos to wear for the spring season! I'm kicking off the first post with one of my favorite spring/summer color combos: Orange & Teal.

 photo spring1.jpg

 photo spring2.jpg

 photo spring5.jpg

 photo spring3.jpg

Just a side note...Last week, I saw a lot of my friends/family at my baby showers, and I just wanted to help people know what to say/NOT to say to pregnant women!

1. DO NOT SAY...Hey Fatty! I know people think they are being funny, but seriously it's not! :) DO SAY, you look great!

2. DO NOT SAY...You're getting huge! I really shouldn't have to even tell people this... ;) DO SAY, you're all belly!

3. DO NOT SAY...Your face looks pregnant. Yes, someone told me that. They said my lips and eyes look "puffy," whatever that means, haha...Just don't say it! DO SAY, you're glowing!

Word to the wise, when a woman is 8 months pregnant, it's not the time to tease or be sarcastic about her weight or size...I'm very "tough-skinned" and not many things people say get to me, even now, I literally just laugh thinking of all the RUDE things that WOMEN said to me last week...(If it was men, that would be more understandable, but these were all things women said!!) But, if people said it to me, I'm sure they've said it to more sensitive people than me, and I want to apologize to those poor women! Just ignore the rude comments! :)

Stay tuned for the next 5 weeks of our Spring Color Combo Series!!

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30 Weeks: Spring Break

I've been enjoying my time off from school in Florida for our Spring Break. It's been so nice to come home and see all my friends and family! I had two baby showers while we were here, and Luke was so spoiled! I'm so excited to see my sweet boy in all those cute outfits! My mom's shower was a "Little Man" theme with his room colors navy & lime. It turned out so cute!

 photo IMAG0020.jpg

My mom did such a great job decorating and planning my shower! Love her!

 photo Easter1.jpg

My second shower was baby blue & rubber ducky themed, and it was also perfectly decorated! My step-mom did such a great job hosting as well!

 photo IMG_25785504554092.jpeg

It was so nice to see my sisters and my Granny!

 photo IMG_35128181122153.jpeg

Today in church, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with emotion as we sang about the Cross. I didn't know when I got pregnant with my son, how much more I would appreciate God sacrificing His only Son for me. I can't even imagine how hard it was for God to give up His only Son! I'm so thankful that Jesus went to cross and rose again for ME, for you, and for each and every sinner in the world. Praise the Lord for His love for us!

 photo easter2.jpg

I can't believe I only 10 weeks left! Time has flown by!

 photo easter3.jpg

 photo easter4.jpg

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