Guest Post: Melissa in Orange & Navy

Here is our second post in our 6-week Spring Color Combo Series! I asked my dear friend Melissa to do a guest post, and she so sweetly accepted! I always get inspired by her adorable fashion sense! I hope you love her ideas as much as I do!! :)

My favorite color combo trend this spring/summer is orange and navy! I love seeing all things orange and navy in stores right now. Orange is such happy and vibrant color, and navy has always been my favorite neutral by far (so naturally they are a match made in heaven for me!)

For my first "Casual" look, I paired my orange ruffled top (Charlotte Russe), with my dark wash denim skirt (Walmart), striped navy cardigan (JCPenny), complete with orange jewelry and white sandals (also from Charlotte Russe).

 photo 10323010_754559904575720_1708297809_n.jpg

For my second "Dressy-Casual" look, I paired my orange top again with my navy striped skirt (Maurice's), navy cardigan (Hollister), orange skinny belt (Body Central), nude flats (Payless), and same jewelry.

 photo 10264854_754559907909053_1085929708_n.jpg

For my last "Dressy" look, I paired my navy button up top (Charlotte Russe), with my white pencil skirt (Walmart), same skinny belt, nude heels (Payless), and same jewelry.

 photo 10276440_754559901242387_1674157123_n.jpg

Here are my favorite fashion tips to share:
1. Before shopping, make a list of wardrobe items you actually need and about how much you're willing to spend on them. This helps you stay on track and on budget when browsing the racks.

2. You don't have to be rich to buy nice clothes. When I'm shopping, I'll usually scout out what I'm looking for and if the price isn't right, I wait till it's on sale. Most of my entire wardrobe is off the sale and clearance racks. (And I almost never buy an item over $10)

3. Don't be afraid to try new things outfit-wise. Look up what trends are in style right now and see which ones you are drawn to. Then try them on yourself and see if it works. You would probably be surprised what you can pull off and look great in, if you just give it a go!

4. Mixing and matching wardrobe pieces goes a long way to stretch your wardrobe! For the past year, I have tried to never repeat an exact outfit! Whether it's mixing up the jewelry, the skirt, the color cardigan, or adding a scarf, just one piece can be styled several different ways to add more options to your existing wardrobe!!

5. If your stuck on what to wear, pick an item from your closet, then either google or search Pinterest for more outfit ideas that you can recreate. I've done this countless times, and found so many new ways to wear my clothes!!

Hope this has been a help! Special thank's to the talented and beautiful mama-to-be Lauren for this feature!

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  1. wow...$10?!? I need some of your deal finding skills :)

  2. Great job! Love the article and very pretty visual picture.

  3. I always love your outfits, Melissa. You have great style :)


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