32 Weeks: Mint to Be

So, today I'm 32 weeks! AHHH, that sounds both super short and super long at the same time! I am starting to get uncomfortable, and not being able to sleep at night...But, on the bright side, God has blessed me with a super easy, healthy pregnancy thus far. I know EVERYone gets uncomfortable when they have a 4 lb. kid in their stomach, so I don't feel so bad!

I found a tiny beginning of a stretch mark, so I have been freaking out, and read online that coconut oil can prevent them, so I went to the store and bought a big ole' jar of coconut oil, and lathered up last night! Anyone use coconut oil for stretch marks? Did it work?

One of my all-time favorite colors of spring/summer is mint! I LOVE the softness of it! Today, I paired my super dee-duper comfy jersey knit dress (Motherhood) with my mint cardigan (H&M), and my mint statement necklace (gifted). On my Facebook group, we just started Hillary Rushford's #stylememay Instagram photo challenge. If you want to join in on the fun just look up the hashtag #stylememay on Instagram and you'll find the days there! (Today is mint to be!)

 photo minttobe1.jpg

 photo minttobe2.jpg

 photo minttobe3.jpg

8 weeks left!! Then my blog will be flooded of outfits of me and my little man! :)

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  1. I don't think it matters too much what you moisturize with as long as you moisturize and massage the skin. Dry tight skin won't stretch nearly as well as moisturized skin. Stretch marks also depend heavily on how much weight you gain as well as genetics.

    I worked with a plastic surgeon once and he said the same thing regarding scars. It doesn't matter if you buy a very expensive vitamin E cream or something cheap, what matters is that you keep it well moisturized and massaged. Hope this helps :) and cute dress!


  2. I used Neutrogena's sesame oil during both my pregnancies and no stretch marks! You look cute. Eight more weeks, you got this!

  3. I used cocoa butter several times a days and still got a million stretch marks. From what I've heard it has more to do with genetics than what you put on your skin.

    Anyhow, your basketball shaped belly is just adorable!

  4. I think like others have said, genetics probably play a role. Plus I am thinking the baby's position might also affect things. With my first, I just a got a few little ones. With my second my belly was full of them! I just figure it is part of the wonder of carrying a baby, I never really freaked out about them. After my belly went back to normal, they have faded and are not as noticeable. Plus my husband is the only one that ever sees my belly, and he doesn't care :)


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