Organizing Your Closet

Last night, my husband asked me why I still had all my pre-pregnancy clothes hanging up in my closet. I told him it was because I am too lazy to put them away! So, he helped me get all our space bags out and I finally transferred my closet over to all maternity friendly clothes! You wouldn't believe how much easier it is to get dressed when you can visibly see all your options! (AND you can fit in them all!) Your brain gets overloaded when you have too many clothes/you can't fit in half of them!

I don't know about you, but even when I would go through my closet before I was pregnant, I never want to get rid of any clothes. I guess I'm emotionally attached to them...even though I don't wear most of them. But, my husband is a great help in that area, he isn't sentimental at all. :) So, here's some tips I've learned on how to weed out your closet.

1. Unless you have a HUGE walk-in closet, only hang up CURRENT season clothes. I'm a huge believer in putting away winter clothes when winter is over, and pulling out summer clothes! Yes, there will be some pieces that are year round, but you should be able to put away a good amount when the seasons change.

2. Color coordinate your closet. No explanation needed other than it's so much easier to "see" what you have to wear when you know exactly where it is hung up at.

3. Separate skirts/dresses/tops. I keep my dresses all on the left side, my skirts on my lower rack, and my tops on the upper rack, all separately color coordinated.

4. Weed through your clothes! Go through your closet every season and give away all the items you know are outdated, don't fit, or you just don't wear! It is so much easier to create new outfits when you actually wear ALL your clothes. Be honest with yourself in this area, if you haven't worn in for 3 months (not because it was too cold, but just because you didn't wear it) then TOSS IT! :)

5. Create new outfits. When you get a free day one day, go through your entire closet and try on a bunch of new options and create new mental outfits, that you can go back to and wear later on. You can also take a picture in the ones you really like so you don't forget about them!

I hope these few tips help you organize your closet! I felt like a new woman this morning, when I looked in my closet and could see so many new outfit options!

I know I just wore this tank a couple of weeks ago, but since it's not maternity, I'm not sure how much longer it will fit this growing belly! So here it is again, with a different color combo!

 photo dots2.jpg

 photo dots3.jpg

 photo dots1.jpg

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  1. I need to weed out my closet. I don't change my clothes by season. I am going to start doing that, maybe I'll have more room in my small closet. :) I will also go thru and take out what I haven't worn or what doesn't fit. Thanks for these tips. I keep adding to my wardrobe but I don't take away. Gotta start sometime.

  2. girl i soooo love this outfit and u are looking so pretty! not much longer for u!

    hope you are doing well!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  3. I am so thankful, I am one of those with a HUGE walk in closet. So my husband and I keep our clothes up year round. Thanks for the reminder about moving clothes out to make room for maternity clothes. I did do that several years ago during both my pregnancies. It will be time to do it again in a couple of months!! Oh and I also finally color coordinated my shirts a couple of months ago, huge difference!!

  4. great tips!!! love the look too!

    xo Jessica


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