Spring Color Series: Orange & Teal

Since I'm getting to the end of my pregnancy, (9 weeks left!!) I've asked my friends/fellow admins from Modern Modesty to help me do a Spring Color Series for the next 5 weeks! I'm so excited about this series! I love getting some new ideas on color combos to wear for the spring season! I'm kicking off the first post with one of my favorite spring/summer color combos: Orange & Teal.

 photo spring1.jpg

 photo spring2.jpg

 photo spring5.jpg

 photo spring3.jpg

Just a side note...Last week, I saw a lot of my friends/family at my baby showers, and I just wanted to help people know what to say/NOT to say to pregnant women!

1. DO NOT SAY...Hey Fatty! I know people think they are being funny, but seriously it's not! :) DO SAY, you look great!

2. DO NOT SAY...You're getting huge! I really shouldn't have to even tell people this... ;) DO SAY, you're all belly!

3. DO NOT SAY...Your face looks pregnant. Yes, someone told me that. They said my lips and eyes look "puffy," whatever that means, haha...Just don't say it! DO SAY, you're glowing!

Word to the wise, when a woman is 8 months pregnant, it's not the time to tease or be sarcastic about her weight or size...I'm very "tough-skinned" and not many things people say get to me, even now, I literally just laugh thinking of all the RUDE things that WOMEN said to me last week...(If it was men, that would be more understandable, but these were all things women said!!) But, if people said it to me, I'm sure they've said it to more sensitive people than me, and I want to apologize to those poor women! Just ignore the rude comments! :)

Stay tuned for the next 5 weeks of our Spring Color Combo Series!!

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  1. That is such a cute color combo on you!!

  2. Love your "words of wisdom"! My Grandfather's wife called me chubby when I was pregnant. Granted I did put on 26 pds (total) but being called chubby when you are use to being very thin and petite isn't a confidence booster! :)

  3. so sorry ppl said this to you! Awful! I really do think you look great. Great colors, too!

  4. Never thought about the colors orange and teal together. Looking forward to your next 5 weeks, since I am trying to bring more color in my wardrobe. I am usually the basic brown, black, red, and grey!!

  5. Some people have said I've been gaining weight too fast, others have said I haven't gained enough... whatever! Every woman is different and pregnancy is a beautiful thing no matter the case! You look gorgeous in these colors, btw :)

  6. You are such an encouragement. Thank you so much.

  7. This color combination is gorgeious! :D
    My Mom really likes orange and blue-greens together, so it reminds me of something she would like.

  8. This is a really fun color combo! I love it!

    Life & Leopard

  9. Fabulous color combination! And I love the polka dots!

  10. I totally agree with #3. My sister-in-law told me this and I wanted to slap her. Haha. Love the outfit!

    Visiting from the link-up!

  11. Ugh... I am glad I can handle a lot from people because comments like that would really annoy me. People keep telling me for being 6 and a half months pregnant I am small, which is annoying too, every baby and woman is different. Anyways! I really like your outfit! I just wore that same cardigan this week for part of my wiww post. :)


  12. Oh man - I just had my baby last week and can totally relate. It's pretty crazy what people say, and I would agree with you that I am fairly thick skinned as well. I definitely had to tell people "enough is enough" on a couple of occasions. And thanks for stopping by to link up. It's great to bring some color to the season to brighten us up after a long winter.

    ~ Jen


  13. You're glowing ;)
    Lol. But really. What a cute outfit & baby bump you have! Lovely blog~~


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