20 Weeks: Black, White, & Cobalt

If you are following along with the February Closet Challenge, today is Black & White! My favorite color to pair with black and white is obviously cobalt. (I wear this color combo A LOT!) But, pretty much any bright color can be paired with b & w to jazz it up!

Please excuse my face and hair…It's been a long day at school today, lol! Pregnant + teaching + math + junior highers = this look. :) On a side note, I love this peplum, it's my fav!

 photo bwcobalt1.jpg

 photo bwcobalt2.jpg

Here's the belly, growing week by week!
 photo bwcobalt3.jpg

If you missed the challenge, here it is again!
 photo modmodfeb1.jpg

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  1. I love the colour of that skirt!


  2. You look perfect! I love the look of black and white with cobalt.

  3. You are always too cute with your comments about your hair and face. You ALWAYS look like you just stepped out from doing your hair and make-up, seriously. Me, right after I walk out I look like I need to go back in :) Once at work someone asked me why I never put make up on, I said "uhhh I do every day." LOL

  4. You look great in that outfit!
    I just thought I would say how much I look forward to reading your new posts whenever I get a chance. They are always soooo encouraging!
    God Bless!!

  5. Oh, wow, its scary how much we have in common. I'm a Christian, 23 years old, just graduated college in Math Education, and I'm starting a modest fashion blog. Amazing!


  6. Cute outfit! I really like the cobalt skirt.

  7. I just found your blog and it's awesome !!! Love you and your modest self. I have a blog as well. Whocanfindavirtuouswomen.blogspot.com check it out. It might be on here just haven't seen it. What denomination are you?


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