eShakti Dress Review & Posh Giveaway!

Hello!!!!! Is anybody still out there in the blogosphere!?! I took a very LONG break, a much needed break! So here's a Luke update for those who don't follow me on Facebook/instagram: Luke just finished his hardest, most intense chemo phase, Delayed Intensification. We get a week off of chemo, and then Tuesday, the 27th, if he makes counts (ANC must be at 750), he will start Interim Maintenance 2 (IM2), which consists of 3 different chemos, which is supposedly not as bad as prior phases. Then after 8 weeks of IM2, we will FINALLY start maintenance, which is going to the clinic once a month for one IV chemo, and taking daily oral chemos, and a week of steroids each month. Maintenance is both exciting and scary all at the same time. We've been going to get weekly blood counts for a whole year, sometimes 2-3 a week, so it is VERY scary that we will only get one blood count per month for the rest of his maintenance treatment. Since he still has his port in, we still have to be super careful for him to not be around anyone sick for the remainder of his treatment, because with any fever of 100.4 or higher we have to go to the ER and get blood cultures done to make sure his port is not infected. We will be totally finished with chemo on June 18, 2019! I CAN'T wait for that day! So there's a little update on our crazy life. Luke is doing very well considering he just went through the hardest phase. He has needed a couple of blood transfusions, but other than that, he hasn't had any complications. Praise the Lord!

I was contacted by eShakti a month or so ago, and was asked to review a dress. I have worked with eShakti in the past and they have great quality, so I decided to do another review. I have been looking for an olive dress, since my old one is too big. I found this olive dress and thought it would be perfect for what I was looking for! I'm so glad I chose it, because it was a great pick! You have the option to customize any dress, you can pick different sleeves, length, necklines, etc. So, it works well for super picky ladies! ;) I actually didn't customize this dress, but I did my last one.

Here's the stock picture of this dress:

 photo CL0044192ML.jpg

And here's how I styled it! :)

 photo es.jpg

 photo es2.jpg

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I hope I will be able to blog more! I have missed it! Love you all! ♥ God Bless!
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  1. Yes! Some of us are still here and I know I periodically check for you once in a while. It must be hard dealing with all of this. You look beautiful in your olive dress. Know that you still have influenced my fashion as a modest fashionista! Thanks for giving us girls a great example to look up to! I will be praying for you and your family.

  2. Glad you are back and that your little guy is doing well! Funny that I just happened to think of you and check your blog tonight, perfect timing!
    Btw, love your hair long:)

  3. Beautiful dress! And I will be praying for little Luke!!


  4. I bought this eShakti style in black, garnet red and lightish purple (I bought one dress at a time, every three weeks or so), modifying each dress to have a high scoop neckline, 3/4 length sleeves and a mid-calf length skirt. I also had the dresses made to my own (plus-sized) measurements. The style is extremely versatile: it can be dressed up or down, depending on the accessories I wear with the dress. The style has no zippers, so I can dress myself without asking someone to zip me up. And the dresses are machine washable cold! (I dry the dresses on a line, just as a precaution.) I have become extremely fond of eShakti since I first bought from them last September. I am happy that you like the style of dress that you received from eShakti. Praying for you and your family.

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