3 Years of Marital Bliss

Today, three years ago, I married the man of my dreams. When I say that, I'm not being facetious…he truly is the man of my dreams. When I was 15, I started a journal to my future husband. I wrote to him about my dreams, my hard times, my commitment to purity, and how much I couldn't wait to serve God with him. When I was a freshman in Bible college, I met Stephen on my bus route in Chicago. Boy, was I head over heels for this 6'4" blond haired, green eyed, Spanish speaking cutie pie! But, he was very shy, didn't really talk much to me…So, I just kept my secret crush to myself! Finally, after two years of working on the bus route together, he FINALLY asked me on a date! From that date, we both knew we were going to get married. It was so right, and so easy! That is exactly how God intended dating to be! We dated for two years, and got married December 4, 2010! It was truly the best day of my life, after my salvation! I can't wait to raise kids with him, grow old with him, and just love him for the rest of my life! Sorry, for the mushiness, I just love my husband a lot!! :)

We looked like kids!
 photo 162725_181828348497287_4658579_n.jpg

Here's a couple of pictures we got done in Florida over Thanksgiving, and some of my outfit that day, too!

 photo 860428_677678085596587_885851578_o.jpg

 photo anniv1.jpg

 photo anniv2.jpg

 photo anniv3.jpg

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  1. Aww, sweet story! Happy Anniversary to you both!!

  2. I remember you sitting at work during break talking about him - head over heals is right! ;) So happy you ended up together!

  3. Happy Anniversary! :)
    Do you have any past posts with pictures of your wedding dress? It looks so lovely and modest!

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! You guys are so cute and I wish you many more years together!


  5. Sweet story... Thanks for sharing... You make a Beautiful Couple... Happy Anniversary!!! and MANY MORE!!! ~Cute outfit~

  6. Happy Anniversary! It's nice looking back at pictures and thinking of that special day. I've been married almost seven years and still love looking at wedding photos!

  7. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!



  8. Stopping by from Pleated Poppy - WIWW! Happy anniversary! Love your story :)

    <3 Vicki

  9. Hey, girl, we have the exact same anniversary! We were celebrating our 3rd today, too! Happy Anniversary to you!

  10. That is the sweetest!!! :) I love hearing stories from couples who are still in love after they got married. :) So many seem to "fall out of love" and it's so sad...

  11. Happy Anniversary! You are such a cute couple! Stopping by from WIWW


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