Dressing My New Body & Kameleonz

Luke is officially one month old today! Yay! I love him more and more each day! I love being his Mommy! I have done nothing but play Mommy at home all day for the whole month, so my husband decided we needed a date night out. I was so excited to get out of the house! I am so not a person who likes to sit at home all day, every day! So, thankfully, my Mom watched Luke for a couple of hours while we enjoyed a nice dinner and shopping trip for my birthday! Yes, I'm officially a quarter of a century!

Well this shopping trip that was supposed to be "fun" turned into a very depressing trip real quick when I tried on about 10 outfits and NONE of them looked good on. The problem was, I was trying to dress my PRE-pregnancy body, which was not the case anymore. This new postpartum body...well is 15 lbs. over my normal weight and still not fitting in any of my pre-pregnancy clothes. I don't know why I thought I would have Luke and in a couple of weeks be back to normal, but that is definitely not the case. (FYI: all new mommies to be) Prepare yourself for that truth. Your body will not be the same...I know it took 9 months to gain, it's not going to be all gone in 4 weeks...but I really miss fitting into my old clothes!! So, I had to try on a bunch of different styles I "normally" wouldn't wear to flatter this new body shape of mine.

I finally found out that the most flattering styles for my postpartum body are maxi skirts, shirts with details down the front to hide my belly, and a-line dresses. So I got a few pieces that I will be able to mix and match for the next couple of weeks/months until I can start exercising and getting back to my pre-pregnancy size. This is one of my dresses my husband picked out for me, and I loved it! I wore it to Luke's first Sunday at church. This dress is going to be great for the rest of this summer, super comfy and lightweight! Also, I am sporting my new sunnies from Kameleonz, love them!

 photo postpartum2.jpg

 photo postpartum1.jpg

Sunglasses: Kameleonz (North Shore)
Dress: TJMaxx
Shoes: Belk
Necklace: Forever 21

 photo postpartum5.jpg

 photo postpartum4.jpg

 photo postpartum3.jpg

I love sunglasses! With my blue eyes and living in sunny Florida, sunglasses are a daily must-have. Kameleonz are seriously great sunglasses and perfect for the sunniest of day because the lenses polarized and UV400. And the coolest part about them are that they have interchangeable arms. YEP, interchangeable! Mine came with black, turquoise, and brown interchangeable arms. How awesome is that? You can literally change them out with each outfit to coordinate! So if you are looking for a new pair of glasses head over to Kameleonz and use the code “SUMMER” for 20% off! They are already a great price, so with the sale, they will be a super great deal! Let me know which ones are your favorites!!

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  1. I think you are a great example of what a modern modest woman is and I look foward to all your posts! God bless you and your sweet family!!!

  2. What a beautiful dress!! You are beautiful and look so healthy! Maybe it is the baby love and the FL sunshine.

  3. I am not a prude. Yes I am a gramma, but Praise God for standing in the gap. the world is filtering it's dress standard , beauty , into the church. Young toddlers and up are being pushed "beauty" yet we of any age are to Glorify Christ. Pray for my two granddaughters. One is a teen and the other is an adult whom has walked away from Christ. The teen lives in a home where money has never been an issue. And she has a feddish for makeup and the amount she owns and spends is unreal for a 14 yr. old. My heart hurts for our women of all ages. Modest and fashion can go hand in hand. But to find the clothing today even my age is unreal. As long as the line of clothing is in demand , the more our stores will carry. Our spending gives the companies the green light to continue making clothing less modest.

  4. I love following your blog! I LOVE Lands End dresses for post partum! They're so pretty and comfortable and breastfeeding friendly, and they're having a great sale right now. They're pretty low cut on me so I usually pair it with a tank or a Cami Secret and I'm good to go.

    This one is my favorite style, and it comes in lots of different prints.


    Good luck with your baby :)

  5. You look lovely in blue. It gets better and better, and if you are nursing those are tons of calories that you're burning too. If not it still comes off, and it's better when it does it slowly because that's a lasting way to lose. Whatever happens they are totally worth it so I am not as hard on myself as I was prebabies!
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  6. I feel you on that post partum body. Not sure where you are in the transition, but it's tough during that "in between" stage when maternity clothes are no longer necessary and too big but you're not yet in normal clothes. I'm still in that in between stage, and hoping, like you, that it's gone sooner rather than later! Hang in there and enjoy the little guy.


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