I'm super excited to share these next 12 days of fabulous modest outfits brought to you by some of my favorite modest bloggers/IGers. Each of the 12 girls will be hosting a giveaway over on Instagram for the the next 12 days, so be sure to be following: @modestlyhot, @pkidchicksfashion, @downtowndemure, @smartnsavvymom, @melbella14, @modest_style, @dressedbydiana, @lovely_deseret, @savvy_skirt_girl, @obsessionexpression, @skirts_and_heels_, and of course, me, @lauren_modernmodesty.

Here's the countdown of days starting today with Mistletoe Tulle.

 photo ABM_1450041517.jpg

How cute is @skirts_and_heels_ in her Mistletoe Tulle today!

 photo ABM_1450041540.jpg

Here's my take on the Mistletoe Tulle look!
 photo IMAG4279.jpg

Here's another outfit from this week! Love my blanket scarf!
 photo IMAG4263.jpg

I finally got my new liquid liner and cream shadows in the mail, so I had to try them out this morning!!
 photo IMG_20151213_143048.png.jpeg

Random question, but I am curious, so I can help with future tutorials, what is your biggest makeup challenge? Comment below!
 photo FB_IMG_1449930934665.jpg

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  1. I love the long sleeved top- it's so pretty!

    Lip liner is what I struggle with- where exactly to put it and how to make it blend in?

  2. I love the long sleeved top- it's so pretty!

    Lip liner is what I struggle with- where exactly to put it and how to make
    it blend in?

  3. fun outfit ideas! My biggest make up challenge is applying concealer over my whole face to cover acne...it always seems like I am wearing a weird, pasty mask.


  4. Mascara that doesn't smudge. I hate having little clumps on my lashes, only to have them fall on my face later in the day, or smear under my eyes. I rarely wear mascara anymore because I haven't found any that doesn't smear!

  5. My biggest makeup challenge is trying to use liquid liner without making a mess. I cannot, for the life of me, figure that out!

  6. A step by step guide on doing eyes. I'm terrible at the liquid liner! But it looks fab on you!

  7. Cute outfit! I am going to try to wear my black tulle skirt soon! I love that Christmas is another excuse to dress up!
    As for make-up tutorials, I sometimes struggle with special occasion looks, brows, applying foundation, and covering blemishes. Hope this gives you some ideas!!

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  9. I really struggle with eye shadow and how to blend it well.

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