Summertime Fun & Modest Swimwear

I haven't done a blog post in SO long!! I really need to get back on a "normal" blogging schedule again, but it seems impossible with my very unschedule-able life! (I know that's not a word) ;)! Here's a quick update on Luke, he is in his 3rd of 5 phases of "frontline" chemo. We are in a phase called Interim Maintenance, which consists of going to the hospital to be admitted every 2 weeks for a 4 day stay to get a very high dose of methotrexate. Then, he also takes oral chemo at home during this phase as well. He did REALLY well with his first dose of the 4 he will have to get. It's known to cause VERY bad mouth sores that can go all the way down the esophagus to the booty, but praise the Lord, he didn't get any sores! We have 3 more of those high doses, then we move into what is called Delayed Intensification, which is supposedly the hardest phase and when most kiddos lose their hair (if they haven't already!) I'm not going to lie, I'm really trying to NOT think about the next phase, but it's so hard not to worry. I try to live in the present of each day, and thank God for the health and strength Luke has daily. Please pray for us, especially in the next couple of months.

Today was a fun day, filled with lots of sunshine and smiles! Luke loves going outside and playing with his water table!

 photo IMG_1834.jpg

 photo IMG_1839.jpg

I just got my new HydroChic in the mail, so I had to test it out and break it in! ;) I have another HydroChic that I got last year, and I have worn it almost every time we've gone swimming! LOVE the quality and fit of the skirts.

 photo hydro3.jpg

This time I got the Aqua Terra Ruffle Swim Skirt, which has a skirt length of about 18.5”, and the shorts underneath have an inseam of 6.5”. I also got the Tidal Tank Sporty Sleeveless Swim n' Gym Top in a size Medium. Both pieces are chlorine resistant, quick drying, and have an UPF 50+ sun protection.

 photo hydro5.jpg

I LOVE our new pool float! Haha!
 photo hydro1.jpg

Here's me, being me...lol
 photo hydro2.jpg

Last week, we celebrated our little man's 2nd birthday! We had a small little party at our house and had so much fun!

 photo IMG_1541.jpg

 photo IMG_1540.jpg

I seriously can't believe he's TWO already! Many of you have been following me way before he was even thought of, so I'm sure you can relate! Look how handsome he is!

 photo IMG_1610.jpg

Here are some of my outfits I've worn to church the past couple of Sundays!

 photo IMG_1475.jpg

 photo IMG_1612.jpg

I LOVE this shirt from Shop Hello Grace. It just rings true for our current family situation. "Let's be brave together."

 photo IMG_1492.jpg

Thank you for your prayers! Love you all & God bless! ♥
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  1. I'm so happy for your family to be doing well and proud of you all for staying strong!

  2. Happy birthday to Luke! Continuing to pray for you all. :)
    Fun new swimwear, and I like your mint dress - so elegant!

  3. we have been walking with our friends whose son has been fighting leukemia for 4 years... so many emotions, tears, highs, and lows...I have followed "before Luke"...and I pray for you when I see your updates on instagram... it reminds me to cherish our own days "teach us to number our days, so we may gain a heart of wisdom"... you bless others with your stories...

  4. Elizabeth WilliamsJune 30, 2016 at 10:02 AM

    These are all such good pictures!!

  5. Hi Laurén, I just wanted to encourage you during this difficult journey. My family went through a similar situation with our oldest son, Bryce. God was so faithful to our family. We felt His constant presence and protection. Bryce, who wasn't expected to live past age 8, is the most wonderful 22-year-old man! He loves God with all of his heart and has no memory of the trials he went through. I'll be praying for you and your family.


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