17 Weeks: Houndstooth

Hello, beautiful ladies! This week we went to our midwife, and heard our baby's heart beat again! It's the best sound I've ever heard! Also, this week I felt the baby move for the first time, and ever since then, I can feel the wiggle worm moving all over! Not going to lie, it's kind of weird, but amazing at the same time. If anyone doesn't believe in God, they need to get pregnant, it's amazing how God created my body to make another body inside of it! It truly is a miracle!

 photo photo4.jpg

Now for the outfit, I love this peter pan collar top! But, for some reason, it's so difficult to find things to go with it! I think it's because it's sleeveless, and I have to wear a crew-neck cardigan with it. But, searching in my closet today, I paired it with my houndstooth skirt and red cardigan! I like how it turned out!

 photo houndstooth2.jpg

 photo houndstooth1.jpg

Stay tuned for next week, we are hoping to find out what we're having at our ultrasound!! Pray baby cooperates! Can't wait to start buying things!

 photo houndstooth3.jpg

What do you think it is?? Boy or Girl???

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  1. Love this outfit!!! You look so adorable, and cute bump :)

  2. Love it!! And Aunti Ashi can't wait to start a collection of goodies for my niece/nephew!!! :)

  3. Nice outift.....hmmmmm....planned or unplanned baby? ;) If it was unplanned...I am guessing girl. ☺


  4. How exciting!!! You look amazing!!!

  5. Love this refined look! I'll guess girl.

  6. I am guessing a boy! Almost everyone I know who is expecting is having a boy!

  7. I just found your blog today! Your style is a lot like mine. Congrats on your first baby. Can I ask you two questions??? Where do you get your tights? I have such a problem with tights being too tight around my middle and ouch! Especially when pregnant. You also have really cute cardigans :) I was wondering if you'd share the brand. Thanks!!

  8. Hi. I am Ada. I have stopped by here before and commented once I think. I am now a regular follower and fan of your blog and style. I am following via Bloglovin & GFC. I would hope for you to stop by my blog and start following me as well.

    I am a new mom. My Baby girl turned one, 2 days ago. I can never tell if it's a Boy or Girl but I am guessing Girl. I found out at 15 and a half weeks. They didn't give it to me with 100% certainty but it ended up being a girl and I couldn't be happier. The best thing is for your child to be healthy, gender doesn't matter. This Outfit is lovely. I love your Skirt & Peter Pan Blouse. So cute. I love anything checkered or houndstooth. =)

    Have a Great Tuesday and stop by Elegance and Mommyhood. Also, if you read my weekend's post as a Mommy-to-Be you will find them sweet and I promise it will put a smile on your face. Ada. =)

  9. This outfit is perfection! Love it!
    Come post it at WIW Sunday! :)
    Huge congrats on baby boy!!! Yea!!!!


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