Old Clothes, New Outfit

So, my all time favorite thing to do is find new outfits from my own closet. I haven't been shopping for regular clothes in about 3 months, which is a LONG time for me! I've only bought maternity clothes for the past couple of months, but I can't wear them yet. So, that has forced me to work with the clothes I already have.

Some things that help me make new outfits are:

1. Color cooridnate your closet.

2. Look on pinterest/blogs/instagram for new color/pattern inspirations.

3. Pull out pieces you haven't worn in a long time, and pair them with something different.

4. Add a different necklace, scarf, belt, or shoe with an outfit you've already worn.

5. Keep a photo library of what your wear daily, so you don't repeat outfits too often.

 photo photo-46.jpg
I've had this dress for over a year, I got it from Ann Taylor Outlet for less than $20, and I wore it a lot in the summer with turquoise jewelry. I haven't worn this dress since summer, so I decided to add a winter color, tights, and black necklace. Whole new outfit, with all old items I've had for years!

 photo oldnew1.jpg

 photo oldnew2.jpg

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  1. Cute outfit! I am big on modern/modest style as well!!! ;)

  2. This is great! Love taking old pieces and re-mixing them for a totally new look

  3. This is perfectly timed for me, as I was planning a "closet shopping" day sometime this week, to go through my closet and try out new outfits and combos! Now that I have to dress professionally for work (as opposed to business casual/semi-professional like my old job) I am looking for new ways to style my clothes together. I loved your suggestion of looking at pinterest! I doubt I will keep a full photo journal of all my outifts, but I may photograph a few faves from my closet shop for ideas.

  4. I'm using the "Collect" photo app to document my daily outfits. I initially started using Collect to get daily photos for my Project Life scrapbook (a 2014 resolution/goal). Now that I've started taking daily photos for the Modest Style challenge on Instagram, I'm able to look at outfits to see how I can change them or wear them again!

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  5. great ideas! I am shopping my closet this month as much as possible.
    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place

  6. Great job remixing your wardrobe! I love that it can be used for any season just by changing the accessories!
    I'm doing a 20X30 remix challenge for January. Check it out if you can.

  7. Hi stopping by from Inspired by Link Party. I love how you winterized your outfit and gave it new life. Xo, Elif

  8. I noticed you registered https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=905983394334183073&postID=2846250201464789751&bpli=1 for a decent period, was that to help with SEO?

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