26 Weeks: Lime & Navy

I can't believe I'm already in my last week of the second trimester! I'm almost to the home stretch! This pregnancy has flown by! I can't wait to feel my little man wiggle outside of my body!;) I know women say when their babies moved it was their favorite thing about being pregnant...I guess I'm weird, because I'm still not used to feeling random kicks and sudden movements in my stomach at all hours of the day and night! It is reassuring to know he is healthy and moving around in there though. I haven't really shared much about my pregnancy, so I thought I'd do a little pregnancy questionnaire, it will be good for me to have to look back on too!

Todays date: March 23, 2014

How many weeks pregnant are you?: 26 Weeks 3 days

How many days until your due date?: 95 days!

How big is baby?: As big as an eggplant. (9.2 inches, 2 lbs)

What milestones has your developing baby reached this week?: Eyes start to open

What are some of your pregnancy symptoms?: Heartburn, back & neck pain.

Any cravings?: Weirdly enough, I've craved side salads with ranch from steakhouses, baked potatoes, Sprite, and chips! :)

Food Aversions?: Not really, I'm not picky!

What was your best moment this week?: My husband took me on a "babymoon" to the beach and I woke up at 3 a.m. in the hotel room and just stared at him while he slept, praying for him and thanking God that he gave him to me to be the father of our son. It was a really special sentimental moment. :)

What are you looking forward to next week?: Being in the 3rd trimester!

What emotions have you been experiencing this week?: It's been a very emotional week for me, I was slightly depressed of how big I am getting, and knowing that I'm only going to get bigger in the next 14 weeks doesn't help to think about. Also, I am planning to have a natural, water birth, so sometimes I randomly get very insecure about whether I can "do it" or not.

Are you wearing maternity clothes yet?: Oh yes, I'm carrying very low, so I can't wear any of my regular skirts, but I can still wear most of my shirts.

Have any stretch marks?: Not yet, PRAISE God. Hopefully that stays that way! Cocoa butter, please don't fail me.

How much weight have you gained?: 16 lbs. I think...going to the midwife this week.

Has your belly button popped out?: No, and I really think that's gross! I will totally put a band aid over it, if it does!

Have you felt any kicks?: Oh yes, all day and night. My son is definitely going to be a soccer player like his daddy!

Know the gender yet?: He is 100% a boy! :)

Have you decided on a name?: Luke Daniel ♥

What has dad been up to this week?: He has been running lots, training for his upcoming 5K.

How has your sleep been?: Umm...not the greatest, I wake up a lot.

Any guesses when you will go into labor?: June 24!

That was fun, now here's my outfit! I am wearing Mr. Luke's nursery colors today, lime & navy! I absolutely love lime and navy, and thought it was a different color scheme for a boy's room. He is going to have a preppy, nautical theme with Lacoste alligator looking bedding. It's super cute!

 photo week262.jpg

 photo 26weeks3.jpg

 photo 26weeks1.jpg

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  1. Love the dress!! But heels!!??? During my pregnancy, just had my son in January, and flats were my must shoe. I had to attend a funeral and found a pair of grey shoes with a small heel and I thought my feet were going to fall off!! But to be going into your third trimester, you look great!!

  2. I've had a drug free natural birth with a 10.4 baby! It will be harder than you can imagine, but you will get through it!

  3. Your blog always makes me smile :) You can do the natural birth, I am sure of it. Two things to help: 1) preparation: read more than you think you will need. Have more "tricks and techniques" than you think you will need. 2) Make sure your husband is 100% on board, knows all of the tricks and techniques and will support you all the way.

  4. You look great Lauren! So excited to hear about your planned waterbirth. I live in Gulfport too and had a homebirth with a midwife too :) I labored in the water some, but ultimately had him out of the water. It was AHHHH-MAZING! You can do it! Here's my birth story.. http://www.notyourmainstreammama.com/our-homebirth-story/


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