Paparazzi Giveaway!

Have any of you ever heard of Paparazzi jewelry? I had never heard of it until I got an email from Tricia telling me about her business! The coolest thing about Paparazzi Accessories is that everything is only $5! Tricia so sweetly sent me a statement necklace so I could show you guys what some of their jewelry looks like on! Not only did she send me a necklace/earring set, but she also wants to giveaway any set of your choice to you for free! How awesome?! I'm so excited that one of you will win a new necklace/earring set! You can check on Tricia's website or Facebook to see what you have to choose from! :) The giveaway is below!

Here's the Orange Teardrop Necklace I picked out!

 photo prazzi1.jpg

 photo prazzi2.jpg

I finally used my bella band today! Kind of feels weird to leave your skirt half way unzipped and just put this thing over it…I'm constantly checking on it all day.

 photo prazzi3.jpg

 photo prazzi4.jpg

 photo prazzi5.jpg

We will be announcing the winner on Tuesday morning the 25th! Good luck! Love you all ♥

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  1. I love the color combinations!! How did you like the bella band? I have never used one, I assume it allows you to keep wearing non maternity skirts? That might be a good option for me this time. I am pregnant with #3, after thinking we were done! I got rid of everything!! If this will work over normal clothes, it would save money! Do you think it will work for the rest of your pregnancy?

  2. I realized I forgot to give you my email so you can answer my question, so sorry!

  3. I'm not normally one for statement necklaces (or jewelry in general really) but you make this look so cute! For just $5 I may need to try one out anyway. Worst case scenario I know my little sis always loves jewelry.


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