Church to Casual

As you all know, I love to remix my clothes into many different outfits! But, I am starting to also switch up my looks into dressy for church and more casual for everyday wear. Today, I'm going to show you how I wore my maxi dress to church this morning and then switched a few things and made it more casual for lunch and the night service.

 photo catoch3.jpg

Dressy look: I topped this maxi dress with a coral cardigan and wore some cute nude wedges.

 photo catoch2.jpg

Casual look: I switched my cardigan out for a jean vest and some coral sandals. (you can't see)

 photo catoch1.jpg

I love dainty jewelry for casual looks. I found this adorable anchor infinity necklace from Fresh Trends! Love it!

I tried out a new smokey eye look this morning. I watched a tutorial and I love how it turned out!

 photo catoch4.jpg

Tuesday, September 1 is going to be an AMAZING day, because Younique is coming out with tons of NEW products! I'm most excited about the eye shadow palettes and the concealer! If you want any new products, let me know! My website is lashesbylaurenash.com. I also just finished reviewing the Maybelline's Better Skin Foundation. I think it's pretty good. I am not really a fan of liquid foundation. But, it's pretty lightweight.

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  1. love this look and your blog.

  2. What a cute outfit! Thanks also for the Makeover Your Mornings online course recommendation! It is a great series!

  3. Love love love love!! I always enjoy these posts! I look forward to seeing a new post from this blog in my email on Mondays. Your modest style is perfect and I love getting outfit ideas from you. It is so hard to find modest fashion bloggers that uphold their standards and also post about their faith as well. I just love it!

  4. You are gorgeous. :) I love the way you styled both outfits! Maxi dresses are one of my favorites to wear to church.
    Unique Geek

  5. I love the church version of that outfit!


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