Save Time: Plan Your Outfits

I can't believe school starts tomorrow!! Where did the summer go?? It rained almost EVERY day in Florida this summer, so we barely got to go swimming or be outside! But, all in all, it was a fun, relaxing summer. Although, I'm not excited about having to wake up super early every morning, but one thing that really helps me cut down on time is to plan my outfits ahead of time. I learned a lot of other time saving tips from my 14-day Makeover Your Mornings e-course.

That is the main reason I LOVE style challenges! I can look at the week ahead and plan my outfits out, and not have to stress about that every morning!

 photo IMG_20150731_181747.jpg

This month's style challenge is #modmodaugust2015. I used it to help me get dressed last week for teacher's inservice. Here's the outfits I came up with!

Day 5: Pining for Pineapples
 photo IMG_20150805_163149.jpg

Day 6: Jean Vest
 photo IMG_20150806_182831.jpg

Day 7: Stylish Sandals (They were cute white sandals)
 photo IMG_20150807_195645.jpg

Day 8: Nautical Notions
 photo IMG_20150808_143828.jpg

Day 9: Staying in "Sequins"
 photo IMG_20150809_125542.jpg

I made a quick 10-min. make-up tutorial, if you want to watch it, you can see it here.
 photo IMG_20150808_141214.jpg

I know a lot of my followers are teachers, so I thought I would share my high school math classroom! Pray for me as I try to change these teenagers lives!

 photo IMAG3561.jpg

 photo IMAG3562.jpg

 photo IMAG3563.jpg

 photo IMAG3564.jpg

 photo IMAG3565.jpg

 photo IMAG3566.jpg

Have a great week! God Bless ♥

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  1. I loved your outfits, as always. Have you ever thought of using an app like Stylebook to plan your outfits? You take pictures of all the clothes you have and then can arrange them into outfits (like Polyvore) and put them on a calendar! You could plan outfits pretty much anywhere, even without an Internet connection. It's really helped me come up with cute new outfits with stuff I already have!

  2. You have such gorgeous eyes :)
    Lisa S

  3. Lovely outifts!! and I love your classroom. It looks awesome.

  4. I love the jean vest outfit! I start high school tomorrow, the summer went by so fast!

  5. Great outfits! It is nice to have a style challenge to help you plan them out. I've never thought of that. That's a good idea. :)
    Unique Geek

  6. Just found your blog! Very encouraging Good luck this year! I love Flordia By the way!

    Shelby K

  7. I love what you do for your students! What you put into the classroom looks amazing. It feels so homey and inspiring. Great job!! I love the "anchored in Christ" sign!

    The denim vest outfit is my fave. I have to get a dress like that!

  8. Do you wear wedges (3inch or less) when you teach? I am about to be student teaching first grade and preschool . SO i was wondering if that would be appropriate teacher wear for the beginning of the school year?

    1. I wear flats majority of the time. It's not that wedges wouldn't be appropriate, it's just your feet will kill you with first graders and preschoolers.


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