Fall is Finally Here!

Oh my word, a cold front came in and it is SOOOO cold here! (Yes, 50s is freezing to us Floridians!) So I actually got to bust out my scarves, tights and sweaters! :) I have tons of winter clothes thanks to my many years in Chicago and Oregon, but haven't really gotten to wear them very much in the past 2 years being in the South. So, I get a tad excited when it gets cold, because that means I get to pull out more clothes to wear!

This dress is actually a short sleeve dress, but for some reason I think it looks wintery, so I always bring it out on cold days with some tights and a sweater. Another trick to stretch your wardrobe is to wear your neutral dresses year round, and when it gets cold add a sweater/jacket, tights, and boots! :)

 photo fall1.jpg

Dress: TJMaxx
Tights: Goodwill
Shoes: Sears
Sweater: H&M

I love patterned tights! They are so much fun!

 photo fall2.jpg

 photo fall3.jpg

Luke had such a fun time trick or treating for the first time! He was batman, but it was too cold for that costume, so he changed into Tigger :)

 photo fall6.jpg

 photo fall5.jpg

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! God Bless ♥

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  1. Looks sooo cozy. Although I'm jealous of FL's version of "cold weather" as New York is an ice box!

  2. Hi Lauren,
    I enjoy your blog. I live in Florida too--Jacksonville. Where are you? I don't usually go to other people's blogs trying to promote mine, but I just wrote a post your readers may like: "Keeping Warm in a Dress." Some of my coworkers (those at the front desk) are required to wear dresses, and they're already flapping around like a bunch of hens, fussing about being too cold. But as you know, wearing dresses in all weather is totally possible if you're just prepared! :-) Thanks and have a great Florida winter! :-)

  3. Love you outfit and Luke looks so cute!

  4. Your baby is so cute! I love the purple, it stands out against the neutral outfit. I love the neckline of the dress. You look great.


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