You Are A Lady, Embrace It!

As a 25 year-old, I was brought up in a "world" where femininity was not very prevalent. I was taught if I didn't have a career making tons of money, I was a not a successful person. I was taught that I can do anything a man can do, and maybe even better. I was taught that it is not a "job" to stay at home and raise your children. The bad thing about our generation is that these "teachings" are being told to all girls, Christian or not.

I read this in an article, and loved it...

Femininity can be cultivated to reflect your values and priorities. It can communicate enormous self-confidence as well, as you embrace being feminine, and refuse to be ashamed of “acting like a girl.”

Today women aren’t just complementary to men – we’re also frequently in direct competition. However, being feminine doesn’t mean being weak and dependent. It means embracing your identity as a woman. I believe that smart, strong women can be very feminine.

Here's some things I love about being a lady...

1. I love getting to be a help-meet to my husband.

2. I love being able to bring another human life into the world.

3. I love getting to dress up, do my make-up, and my hair. (Poor men will never get that blessing ;) )

4. I love being hospitable and cooking for guests.

5. I love being able to teach younger girls to follow Christ.

I am really burdened to get this feminist mind-set out of the minds of high school girls I teach. I try my best to show them that being a lady is a wonderful thing!

Here is my outfit from today! I got my hair done yesterday. I love the dark auburn!

 photo lady1.jpg

 photo lady2.jpg

Here's my outfits from the last week!

 photo lady3.jpg

 photo lady4.jpg

 photo lady5.jpg

 photo lady6.jpg

 photo lady8.jpg

 photo lady7.jpg

One thing that makes my week so much better, is to plan out my outfits for the week in advance. I am ready for the week! See you next week! God Bless ♥
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  1. May I ask what you think is wrong with being a feminist? You wrote that above your outfit photos and under the list.

    1. Being a feminist means you are trying to compete with men to "prove" your equal. But we are not equal. We are even comparable. Men are men. Women are women. We have totally different purposes in life. Women were made to be a help meet to their husbands and raise their children. Men were made to work and provide for our families. The Bible tells us the man is the head of the household. Doesn't mean women are weak at all, but it just means we have a different purpose.

  2. Love the outfits. I'm not sure about the tshirt with print across the chest....really draws the eyes. I am pretty flat chested so I'm not sure any men would notice me though, haha. One of my daughters is full figured though and we never allowed her to wear writing on the chest. None of our girls are allowed to wear writing across the buns either.

    1. Honestly, wearing anything besides a sackcloth would draw attention to my chest. So, I do the best with what I have to work with. That is your personal preference, and I respect that. My husband bought that shirt for me, so I love it. :)

  3. I get so tired of hearing the feminist arguments everywhere! I'm 22 and I'm grateful that God made me a girl and I love embracing my femininity. A part of that is how I dress, and I love dressing in feminine clothing! Your darker hair looks really good!

  4. I really love your elbow length sleeved tops. Those are my favorite and they're so hard to find!

  5. Love your post!!! We are doing some marriage counseling and this was one of our subjects. Actually being happy and content in our God designed roles.

  6. It makes it hard to find yourself in feminity when your body won't allow you to the most important thing that God created women for....have children.
    I am happily married...15 years now. I struggle internally with feminity. My heart feels like I should show myself as a Christian woman but my body betrays me. I am also currently in a season of wait right now an am unemployed. I am not sure what to do with myself.
    I also am plus size. It seems my only options for modesty = frumpy.

  7. Hi anonymous. God knew you before you were born, He made you and loves you. You are woman and beautifully useful in His eyes. As long as you are His you are 'employed'. Please do not let the world define you by its standards. God knows His plans for you and they are good! You are your husband's helpmeet and therefore are fulfilling what women are created for. God bless you with the knowledge of His love for you lady. You are a lady and complete through Christ even when we don't feel like it. P.S from a fellow plus sizer skip the denim skirts, they generally make us look frumpy lol. If you don't mind pants, try culottes maybe? If not maxi dresses and skirts are always a good look. Hth


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