It's the first of the month, which calls for a new style challenge! This month, my gorgeous friends and I came up with a month full of fun prompts to help you stretch your wardrobe as much as possible. Feel free to join in and share! You can pin the style challenge by hovering over the pic (on a computer!) :)

 photo 10959904_916330235065352_3636146445390197286_n.jpg

The first day of the challenge is "Pretty in Pink"...so here's my pink!

 photo pink1.jpg

Skirt: Ann Taylor || Shirt: Old Navy || Cardigan: TJMaxx || Shoes: thrifted || Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Now here's some more outfits from this past week!

 photo pink2.jpg

Skirt: Bealls || Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack || Necklace: Charlotte Russe

 photo pink3.jpg

Skirt: JCrew || Shirt: Catos || Necklace: Forever 21

 photo pink4.jpg

Skirt: JCPenney || Top: Bealls || Necklace: Rue 21

And I haven't shared a picture of Luke in a while, so here's my little man looking mighty dapper this morning after church!

 photo dapperbaby.jpg

Hope you have a great week! Please join us in the style challenge! If you're on Instagram, make sure to hashtag #modmodfabfebstyle! :)

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  1. Luke is adorable! I love your pink outfit. :)
    You remind me of my algebra teacher- you both teach high school math, you have the same haircut/color, and you both have a little boy! It's her first, too. :)

  2. I really love the pink sweater with the polka dot skirt! What a great, professional look.


  3. why do u think pants are immodest? some are even more modest than some tight skirts, IMO..

    1. You're right, it depends how tight pants or skirts are. If you read my blog post on my journey to modesty. It explains why I personally don't wear pants.

  4. Love it, Lauren! I may need to follow this to help stretch my wardrobe~


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