Tip Tuesday: Layering like a Cake

This is a guest post from my amazing friend Lisa, who is a beautiful, fashionable, homeschool SAHM! She is so encouraging and inspirational to me! I know you will enjoy her Tuesday tips!

Hi Ladies! It's Admin Tip Tuesday! So I guess I've been labeled "The Layering Queen/Vest Queen!" (lol) So I am doing some layering tips! Think of layering clothes kind of like you would layer a cake! I know, weird! But hang in there with me!

First- You have your "cake layer" which would be your "go to pieces" or your "basics". Here are some of mine.

 photo layers1.jpg

 photo layers2.jpg

My favorite layering combo is a button up shirt and sweater!

1. Choosing a collared shirt- either chambray, plaid, checks, or any pattern you like.

 photo layer3.jpg

2. Choosing a sweater- the best sweater is slightly thicker such as cable knit or a thicker cotton. (You don't want to see the buttons through your sweater). And this would be a great time to pattern mix with a different patterned sweater such as polka dots! The Second layer is "the frosting" layer!

 photo layer4.jpg

This is the layer you could add color, texture, or pattern mixing!
The KEY is in the DETAILS here!
-make sure you have the collar outside the sweater.
-cuff your sleeves so you see the pattern of the shirt.
-let the bottom of the shirt hang out a little so you see the tails hang out a bit.

 photo layer5.jpg

 photo layer6.jpg

The 3rd layer is the "Sprinkles" layer.
Sprinkles could be the jewelry, scarf, or belt!

 photo layer7.jpg

Now the placement of the necklace is KEY!! If you are adding a short necklace make sure it hangs on the sweater NOT the collared shirt!

 photo layer8.jpg

Now if your necklace is too short to go over the sweater either buy a necklace extender or use this trick! I always use safety pins to make it my desired length! Nobody will see them under your collared shirt anyway!

 photo layer9.jpg

This is also a fun time to layer your watch and bracelets too!

 photo layer10.jpg

And finally ladies don't forget to stay WARM! My boots and vest add structure to the outfit!

 photo layer11.jpg

 photo layer12.jpg

 photo layer13.jpg

Have fun with layering!!
Don't forget your CAKE, FROSTING, and SPRINKLES!!
Or another way I remind myself "COLOR, PATTERN, TEXTURE, SHINE!"

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  1. So cute! Love how you built the outfit, and how it turned out!

  2. I love the basic pieces! The skirts and the shirts are so pretty, and most importantly, versatile. The possibilities are endless!

  3. So cute!! I love the that button up!!
    I just recently started wearing skirts and dresses exclusively, and I have decided to blog about it to keep me accountable for maintaining style and modesty. If anyone would be interested in reading it the address is...


  4. wow such good tips here!! love it!

  5. I love it! I did think that I came up with the safety pin-necklace idea though, haha!

  6. Love the layering! Such a cute outfit. :)

    Unique Geek

  7. So cute. Thanks for the ideas!

  8. Loved this so post! So informative, yet simple and easy to follow instructions. Now, I would love to see a follow up post for how this layering, or "cake" dressing applies to both Spring and Summer fashion. Thank you for all of the photos - really great blog!


  9. I will never be able to get dressed again without thinking about "frosting" a cake. I love this. Thanks
    PS I'm new to your blog and love it. I am not a "wear only skirts" kind of girl, but I teach first grade and modesty is key when I bend over their desks all day.
    Teacher to the Core


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