4 Ways to Wear Black & White

I have to share this blessing with you all! Today, in church we had a visitor who looked about my age, so when invitation started, the Holy Spirit told me to go witness to her. So, I made my way over to her (across the whole church) and she was very sweet and allowed me to show her through the Bible how she could know for sure she was going to Heaven one day. She sweetly got saved! She told me she wanted to come back to church tonight and learn more about God! Praise God for using me! I love helping ladies on Modern Modesty, but nothing feels greater than knowing God used me to help someone get saved! If you don't know for sure you're going to Heaven, check out what the Bible says and get it settled today!

While I was laying my outfits out for the week, (read here on how I plan my outfits weekly), I noticed a common theme of every outfit: Black and white. So, I figured, hey, perfect opportunity to do a post on 4 different ways to wear black & white!

I am in love with the chicness of black and white, I think it is the epitome of a classy look. So, here are some casual and dressy ways to wear black & white!

Day 13 of #modmodspringstyle: Pencil Skirt

Mondays are denim day at school, so I usually wear my FAVORITE denim pencil skirt from Kosher Casual. I seriously wish I could afford 7 of these skirts, I would wear one every day if I could! ;)

 photo bw1.jpg

Day 14: Patterns & Prints

I am a huge stripe fan! It is definitely my favorite pattern!

 photo bw4.jpg

Day 15: Maxi Mania

I LOVE this maxi skirt, it is SO comfortable, I almost feel guilty for being able to wear it in public, because it's as comfy as pajamas!

 photo bw2.jpg

Day 16: Perfect Pleats/Full Skirt

I found this skirt when I was cleaning out my closet, I had forgotten all about it. I got it from Macy's in Chicago my freshman year in college! I forgot how much I loved it!

 photo bw3.jpg

So that wraps up my week, I was SO busy Friday and Saturday, I totally forgot to take pictures! But here is my outfit from today!

Day 19: Pretty in Pastels

This was originally my Easter outfit, but I changed last minute, but it worked perfectly for today's challenge!

 photo bw5.jpg

I hope you have a GREAT week! God Bless ♥

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  1. Great outfits! The last one is by far my favorite. So bright and beautiful. :)


  2. Praise the Lord for the girl getting saved!

  3. Thank you for sharing and reminding your sisters in Christ to boldly share the gospel with whoever God places in our path. I enjoy your blog very much and know it is helpful and encouraging to many ladies!!! May God bless you. --Natalie in Nashville

  4. Elizabeth WilliamsApril 20, 2015 at 9:53 AM

    That story is so encouraging! I love all of the skirts too, by the way. What's neat about that skirt that you've had forever, is that I was looking on a website the other day(don't ask me which one, I couldn't remember lol) and I saw a skirt that looked almost exactly like that! That's good because that means it's still in style :)

  5. So happy for you and our new sister is Christ!
    You have such great skirts, and yes I feel that black and white is the ultimate classy look!
    Here is my blog, in case you are interested :)

  6. What a great Sunday!! Isn't it such a blessing to be able to share the gospel with someone? I'm so thankful for the work God did in my heart and the privilege I have to share that with others. The angels are rejoicing over the lost sheep that was found! Amen!

    Love the black and white, too. The stripes with the floral scarf has to be my favorite combo. Sooo classy.

  7. What an exciting testimony of how the Lord was able to use you in that lady's life!

    Question-where did you get the "do what you love" tee? I LOVE it!


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