Cobalt & Stripes

I went thrift store shopping this weekend for the first time since I've moved down to Mississippi, and I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting to find anything good... But, boy was I wrong?!! I found lots of GREAT items!

There is a story behind the Dave Ramsey book...I have been praying to find one at a thrift store for about 4 months now, and my friend and I were about to leave the thrift store yesterday, and I remembered I didn't check the book section. So, we quickly ran back there, and lo and behold, it was right there waiting for me with a price tag of $1.59! I couldn't help but think God was showing me, He loved me, by putting all these great items in my path!

Here's my fabulous finds minus a brand new Mary Kay pink satin lipstick for 79 cents!! :)

 photo 1186709_699885533358230_560522718_n.jpg

I was really excited about finding this striped blazer, because I just bought a cobalt shirt Friday night, so the second I tried this jacket on, I knew it was meant to be paired with it!
I didn't waste any time, I wore my new cobalt shirt, blazer, and Nine West booties to church the next day!

 photo cobalt1.png

 photo cobalt2.png

 photo cobalt.png
Love my new (to me) Suede Nine West booties! Perfect for fall!!

You will be seeing all three of these items many more times!

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  1. you look great lauren! i love thrift store shopping around here...the one in ocean springs is one of the best!! u look fabulous :)

    XO Meghan

  2. Such a great combo and so jealous I love blazers!!

  3. Such a great combo and so jealous I love blazers!!

  4. What a find on this blazer, you look great!

  5. Love love the necklace you have on in these pictures! I never find anything good at thrift stores... maybe I'm just not trying hard enough! :)


  6. love it! I need to find some good thrift stores here in Utah/I need to learn to thrift. Love love love the stripes!

  7. Hey there, loved your blog, just followed you on GFC, (28) would you mind to follow back?


    Come visit me <3

  8. Oooooh! I loveeee that blazer!! What an awesome thrifted find! That cobalt top looks ah-mazing with your blue eyes too :)

    <3 danielle

  9. What great finds! Stopping by from link up.

  10. What awesome finds! I love that you decided to wear your new items right away. You look great in stripes and cobalt :)

  11. What amazing finds! Way to go!!

  12. Love the combination of cobalt and stripes! I have a similar blazer, so I will have to try pairing it with some bright blue :)

  13. Love your blazer girl!
    thanks for linking up! :)

    The Style Record

  14. SUPER cute!! You look fabulous. LOVE my black/white blazer :)

  15. That was some fabulous finds! Great outfit. Look forward to seeing more ways you style the booties!

    Thanks for sharing with Wardrobe Wednesday xo

  16. Love that outfit! The striped blazer looks fabulous with the cobalt shirt. You had great luck with your thift shopping!


  17. I love when I hit the jackpot at a thrift store! I once paired a striped blazer with a cobalt skirt, but I love the way you put the colors together even more! :)

    Rachel Emma
    Daydream Frenzy

  18. This is a very classy outfit. I adore the stripes jacket

  19. You are SO right! I love these colors together! Cross-internet high-five for our collective awesomeness on the cobalt, black, and white front! :)


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