Polka Dots & Pearls

Do you have an outfit that is your husband's favorite? My husband loves polka dots & pearls on me! He always says, I look so classy in them. When ladies ask me for help on their style, the first thing I ask them is what their husband likes best on them. Men do have opinions, if you just ask them! Why wouldn't you want to dress to impress your man, first and foremost!? He is ultimately the one we want to look good for, right? There is no one I enjoy getting compliments from more than my husband!
So today, I wore his favorite! :)

 photo polkadots2.jpg

 photo polkadots.jpg

 photo polkadots4.jpg
Smile, Jesus loves you!

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  1. You look great! I try to dress in a style my husband like too. I find sometimes what a think looks good is very different from him and I have changed some things because of that.

  2. I agree; polka dots and pearls look great on you! =)

  3. Great advice! I love this combination--I might just have to wear some polka dots and pearls later this week too :)

  4. Such a cute dress! Big fan of polka and this one is right up my alley ;)

    Life in the Fash Lane

  5. Gorgeous dress. My husband loves polka dots and i agree about wearign what your husband likes but i also agree with wearing what makes you feel pretty as well. You look beautiful today.



  6. I always think it is funny which outfits my husband likes the best. We have pretty similar opinions most of the time! I agree that you look very classy in this outfit!

  7. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog and I'm looking forward to exploring it more. Polka dots and pearls are a great combination and I love the cut of that dress.


  8. You look great in polka dots and pearls, I can see why your husband likes them on you! My husband is all about outfits that have shape. I have a few shapeless dresses and baggy clothes that he is not fond of because they hide the feminine form. I have come to see his side, and think that people tend to look best when they wear what works for their body type, and potato sack dresses rarely do that.

  9. My husband definitely has opinions on what I wear, and I try to honor those occasionally....but he tends to like clothes a little more on the "sexier" side from what I like. Still, when we're going on a date, I'll try to keep his tastes in mind!

  10. I love getting compliments from my boyfriend! I ultimately dress for me but I always keep his favorites in mind!

    Exploring My Style

  11. I love the dress, please share where you got it if you remember!
    I like the way you styled it. Your such a beautiful, modesty lady

  12. New website is looking good and thanks for the great efforts.


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