Were It Not For Grace

This year our school's theme verse is I Corinthians 15:10 "But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I laboured more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me." Which just happens to be my life verse. I don't believe in "signs" but if I did, that is a big sign that we are in the right place!

One of my favorite words in the whole world is "grace". Grace means the free and unmerited favor of God. When I think of God's grace, I can't help but tear up. I don't deserve ANYTHING, (except for Hell) but God loved me (and you) so much that He GAVE His only begotten Son to die on the Cross for our sins so that we could live in Heaven with Him one day. How amazing is that grace He gives us?!

I don't have a family background in church. I am a first-generation Christian. My parents are saved now, but they got saved later in their lives. If it wasn't for God's divine grace on my life, I literally don't know where I'd be. I know for sure I would not be married to a preacher that loves the Lord and is an amazing husband and father. I know for sure I would not be a Christian school teacher. I know for sure I wouldn't have a beautiful son. I know for sure I wouldn't be working at my home church that won me to the Lord. God is so good to me. My favorite song is "Were it not for Grace," I want you to read the words and think about where you would be without God's grace and thank Him today for having favor on your life! :) Love you ladies!

Time measured out my days
Life carried me along
In my soul I yearned to follow God
But knew I’d never be so strong
I looked hard at this world
To learn how heaven could be gained
Just to end where I began
Where human effort is all in vain

Were it not for grace
I can tell you where I’d be
Wandering down some pointless road to nowhere
With my salvation up to me
I know how that would go
The battles I would face
Forever running but losing this race
Were it not for grace

So here is all my praise
Expressed with all my heart
Offered to the Friend who took my place
And ran a course I could not start
And when He saw in full
Just how much His would cost
He still went the final mile between me and heaven
So I would not be lost

Can't leave you without an outfit too ;) Excuse my child's face...he was not a fan of taking pictures today!:)

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Necklace: Rue 21
Sandals: Fred Meyers

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  1. I have followed you blog for a while. My husband is a preacher, and modesty is a huge things in our lives. Ironically I live in chiefland fl. I was just wondering where you are ministering to now. It seems like your very close by. (:

  2. Love this post! Thank God for His grace!

  3. Jessica, my husband and I are living in Inverness, FL working for my home church! :)


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