Fall Color Combo Series Week 3

I'm so excited for today's guest post! Melissa is one of my closest friends and she helps me SO much on Modern Modesty. (the Facebook group) I love EVERY outfit she posts and she is a true frugal fashionista! You have to follow her on instagram @melbella14, you will be so inspired by her many outfits she comes up with!


Hey ladies! I'm so honored and excited that Lauren asked me to do a guest feature on her blog today! Lauren has helped my personal style tremendously throughout the past year and half, so I am truly humbled at this opportunity!

Lauren asked me to do a few outfits using my favorite Fall Combos. After some research on this fall's trends, I decided to style my favorite 9 trends and combine them into 4 outfits. I chose my 4 favorite colors off the "Pantone 2014" color trends and went with Mint, Mustard, Cobalt, Maroon, and Radiant Orchid. (I'm such a fan of bold colors if you hadn't yet noticed hehe!) Then, I chose my top two favorite prints this season going with Boho and leopard! Another trend that I adore for fall is leather! Lastly, one trend that really spoke to me was tones of grays, silver, and silver metallics.

 photo mod1.jpg

For my first outfit I went dressy-casual combining radiant orchid with Boho print and silver accessories.

 photo mod2.jpg

Details:Black suede buckle boots (Carnival), black patterned tights (Kohls), gray denim skirt (Catos), radiant orchid tank (Forever 21), boho kimono (Burlington), necklace (Target), bracelets (Kohls), earrings. (JCPenny)

 photo mod3.jpg

My second outfit is dressy and I combined maroon, leather, and some stripes (of course!)

 photo mod4.jpg

Black booties (Payless), leather pleated skirt (kohls), maroon lace top (Charlotte Russe), striped blazer (second hand from @alongthelinesofcloset Instagram account), gold tassel necklace (rue21), chain bracelet (forever21), earrings (forever21).

 photo mod5.jpg

My third look is dressy-casual and I combined leopard and cobalt (one of my fav combos ever!)

 photo mod6.jpg

Cobalt maxi skirt (jcpenny), striped tank (Walmart), leopard scarf (Walmart), black cardigan (kohls), boho earrings (jcpenny), gold cuff bracelet (Charlotte Russe).

 photo mod7.jpg

My last look is probably my fav just because I got to wear my "mint tulle tutu" hehe! I went for a more dressy look combing mustard and mint. This color combo is a recent discovery for me; however, I cannot believe it took me this long to combine the two!

 photo mod8.jpg

Brown Oxford heels (Payless), brown patterned tights (JCPenny), mint tulle skirt (from @stylethislife Instagram account), cream top (papaya {Store in California}), mustard cardigan (forever21), mint necklace (Charlotte Russe), mint stud earrings (forever21), crystal dot JCrew inspired bracelet (eBay).

 photo mod9.jpg

Hope these looks help inspire you ladies to try some new trends and combinations this fall! A few extra tips I'd like to leave you all are.....

1. Mix and match the life out of your existing wardrobe to create "new" outfits. I try to never repeat the exact same outfit. It's all about taking pieces you love, and pairing them with other pieces for the first time. Even just swapping out different accessories can make all the difference! Every outfit featured today was comprised mostly of pieces I've owned for years!

2. You CAN look stylish on a budget! Being a stay at home wife who is married to a Youth Pastor (a very handsome one too!) with a second job of his own, money is sometimes tight so shopping doesn't take first priority. I give a few violin lessons on the side and take $5 of what I earn every week and put that into my "shopping fund." I usually shop at the mall or online every six or so weeks, and I have $30 to spend accumulated from my fund. I try to find all of my purchases on sale or clearance that way I can get more for my money! I make sure what I purchase is already on my "wish list" that way I don't make any spontaneous buys (which I'm often tempted by hehe!) If I don't see anything I like, I just wait because that just means I'll have {more} to spend next time! This system works great for me, because being the shopaholic I am, I can still get my "fix", but not feel guilty about breaking the bank or putting financial strain on my hard working hubby! Win-win!

3. To the best of your ability, Dress your best everyday! (This is where I want to share a little bit of my heart.) Dress for those around you. Dress for you. Most importantly, dress for {The Lord} because he deserves our BEST! The Proverbs 31 woman wore beautiful garments, and our bodies are the temple of God, so they deserve to be adorned in nothing but the finest! Now, I'm not saying this means we should all wear designer clothes and dress like we're in our Sunday best everyday- because that's just highly unpractical and every once in while we just NEED a relaxed day to chill in our pjs! Who's with me? Hehe! What I'm saying is, that if Kate Middleton dresses her best when she's out and about, how much {more} should we be dressed as daughters of the King when we're out and about! I have had so many opportunities to talk to perfect strangers in public and on social media about why I dress so "fancy" and "modest". I LOVE answering these people by saying I dress like this all the time and wear skirts all the time because it's a personal commitment to my Savior Jesus Christ! It gives me such joy to know that I can bring honor and attention to HIM by what people see on my outside, and it gives me the perfect opportunity to share my faith with them as well! So, I encourage every one of you ladies that is reading this to realize the importance of what you wear can be a strong testimony to others- so why not do your best to look the part! (And even stay at home moms can dress their best in a cute jean skirt and tee shirt. Looking "cute" does NOT mean looking "fancy!" Thank goodness! Dress your best according to the setting and situation)....Now, I know we all have different wardrobes. Some ladies have bigger closets and "nicer" clothes than other ladies, but ultimately, all that doesn't matter. God is not impressed by our "perfect pattern mixing" or "flashy statement necklaces," He is pleased when we have our heart in tuned with Him, and seek to bring honor and glory to Him through our lives!!!....Remember, "Modesty starts in the heart!" (And Don't dismay if you don't have all the trendy clothes out there, just do the best with what you have! It still makes all the difference!)

Thank you for taking the time to view this post. I hope it is of some inspiration and encouragement! thanks again to the wonderful and beautiful Lauren for letting me take up a part of her blog. Have a blessed day lovely ladies!!!

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See how amazing she is??!! I told you!! Stay tuned for next week!! :) Also, I am including my instagram Fall Challenge if you wanted to participate beginning on October 1!

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  1. I was very inspired by this post. I especially loved the part where she didn't want to put extra strain on her hard working husband, which is as it should be. Many women don't think they can "dress well enough" because they can't go shopping all the time. Mixing and matching what you have in you closet in new ways can be just as exciting as buying something new. Thank you for these helpful tips.

  2. what is your instangram sight?

  3. I also love the last look best! Mint is not a color I wear, but looking at this I wonder why?! I also LOVE the ribbon bow earrings worn with outfit 2.

  4. those are some very cute and snazzy outfits! very cool!

  5. #3 oh what a wonderful message. Thank you. I copy and pasted that to share with friends.


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