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I had such a great week! So, of course that called for a shopping trip to celebrate! I FINALLY found a new navy skirt! My whole wardrobe literally revolved around my navy skirt, and it doesn't fit yet, so I felt so limited in what I could wear..but now that I have a navy skirt again, look out for some new combos! :) I will be doing a post later this week on all my new creations with my navy skirt, so stay tuned! Anyways, I wanted to share an e-mail I got last night thanking me for my blog. I was so touched and wanted to share with you why I love blogging!

Dear Lauren,
First off I want to thank you personally for your blog. You truly are an inspiration. I too am a Pastor's wife and I am still in my twenties with a one year old boy. This summer while taking our youth group to camp in Georgia, one of the Pastor's wives did a devotional on dress. I have always wore skirts to church and occasional to work. I am a first grade teacher in a public school system, so skirts are not something you see everyday. However while at camp God started to convict my heart about being an example for him. I work with a girl who doesn't believe in God. You cannot to talk to her about it because she gets very defensive. He spoke to me about being a witness to her through my dress and being different from the world. Not only to be an example to her but also to my youth girls. Which when my husband took the youth pastors position at our new church in December the girls were not wearing skirts to youth but now just by being that example they are. To make a long story short, when I got home from camp I stated searching on Pinterest modern modest clothing. I got really upset when finding clothes for camp, that I had to buy them at a store that my grandmother shopped at. I thought to myself I can look pretty and still be modest. By searching I came across your blog. You have inspired me to dress more modern but still modest. You have given me ideas that I can use in my own wardrobe. I don't consider myself to be a style guru but at the same time I don't won't to dress like my grand mother. I like to dress up and feel pretty. Thank you for listening to God and doing your blog. This truly is your mission field, and I appreciate you. Thank you for inspiring me to dress more modest and to be an example. That truly is my desire, to be a witness and example to others. My life verse is "And of some have compassion, making a difference:" ‭Jude‬ ‭1‬:‭22‬ KJV) that is my desire to live my life for The Lord and make a difference.

God bless,

Wasn't that an awesome testimony and super encouraging!?! Love it!

Now onto my outfits...I found this adorable Chevron dress, that is the perfect length at Ross yesterday for only $14.99! I was super excited! :) Here is how I styled it:

 photo chevron8.jpg

 photo chevron3.jpg

Dress: Ross
Necklace: Forever 21
Heels: Marshalls

 photo chevron2.jpg

I have never put purple & mint together, but on Saturday when I was getting ready, this outfit kind of just happened, and I loved it! :) My darling child broke this necklace I was wearing...I never even got to wear it out of my house. Guess that's what happens when you buy Wal-Mart statement necklaces! ;) I'm going to try to hot glue it back on though!

 photo chevron6.jpg

Top: TJMaxx
Cami: Forever 21
Skirt: Thrifted
Flats: Ann Taylor
Necklace: Wal-Mart

 photo chevron5.jpg

Annnnnnd last but not least, my little ham :) Have a great week!

 photo chevron7.jpg

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  1. I just recently found your blog and I am so glad i did! I am so inspired by you. I love seeing your outfits it gives me the courage i need to start wearing more skirts and just dressing more modest.

  2. What an inspiring and encouraging email!
    Mint has got to be one of my favorite colors, and I absolutely love how you styled it! If I could, I would steal both of your outfits :)

    Your little guy is so adorable too!


  3. Love that dress! I wish we had Ross in New England!


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