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If you follow my blog, you will know this outfit is absolutely outside of my comfort zone! But, I LOVE the look of full, pleated skirts, so when Shirley from In All Modesty asked me to review her Black Taffeta Skirt, I just had to try it out!

Even though it's not "me," I really like it! I will most definitely look for some more full skirts when I'm out shopping now! This skirt was custom made exactly for my measurements, so it fit like a gem!

Also, In All Modesty is giving ALL of Modern Modesty followers FREE international shipping of any items you buy! All you have to do is use the coupon code MODERNMODESTY for that discount! You can check their website or etsy shop! :)

Please forgive me, for some reasons my pictures turned out horrible! I don't know what happened with the lighting and my top! It looks like I'm a white, topless ghost! LOL!

 photo inallmodesty1.jpg

I felt very chic when I added my suede booties and my peter pan collar top!

 photo inallmodesty4.jpg

 photo inallmodesty3.jpg

Since the lighting was so bad, here's a selfie that shows a little more detail!

 photo inallmodesty5-1.jpg

If I can step outside my comfort zone, so can you! :) I hope this inspires you to try a different style out, you never know, you might like it!

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  1. Cute outfit but not modest at all. I have to have at least capped sleaves. I couldn't wear this to work or church.

  2. Actually, it's very modest. Showing your arms is not unbiblical, it's a personal preference. All you have to do is add a cardigan. Please make sure not to say things like that to others...it sounds very judgmental and rude considering that sleeveless tops are a personal preference! If you don't agree with someone else's dress standards, just simply keep scrolling and keep it to yourself! :)

    1. Not to be rude.....but I read something awhile back about you saying jean skirts are sloppy, isn't that a personal preference and being judgmental?

    2. I actually said jean skirts with baggy t-shirts and tennis shoes are frumpy, not sloppy. Very different. And I also never said to anyone personally, just made a general statement.

    3. Hmmmm....i guess i don't see a difference :)

  3. I think it's very beautiful and very modest! Great skirt length and the blouse fits nicely ( no gapping or anything inappropriate)
    Great job Lauren!!! It's a lovely outfit.

  4. What I have learned from following several modest blogs is that people have different standards for modesty. Some are covered up to their wrists, elbows, or at least wear short sleeves. Some needs to wear maxi, midi, knee-length, or up to where the tip of their fingers reach their side when standing up. Some wears skirt only, but there are those who wear pants. We are free to follow blogs which share the same modesty standard with us. Or we can opt to follow even non-modest blogs just to get ideas which we can adopt to our own style and standard. Even if I follow some blogs which from my own standard is immodest, I stay away from giving not so nice comments. Remember, it's like visiting somebody else's house so we ought to bring our manners :)

  5. So I'm just wondering how you would wear a denim/Jean skirt to make it look non frumpy. Also what is your definition or personal preference on dressing modestly? In my background, I grew up fundamental and I have family members that are conservative. I have learned from both sides is that you can be classy and modest in slacks and skirts. Also, you can be very immodest in both of them too. It's just how you decide to wear the clothing. I was taught not to judge/ label those that dress differently but to love and accept them for who they are and not from what they wear. Modern modesty is a great idea but in the fashion sence, it doesn't look very modern in the pics above. In a professional line of work if they were to see this, it would get tossed out of the window or through the paper shredder. Not trying to be mean. Just being honest.

    1. Did you read the post? I said this was NOT my regular style. You're right it's not professional, it's for a vintage, fun look. You can just look at a couple other blog posts to see how I wear jean skirts, I wear them almost weekly. I just recently did a post called The Best Jean Skirt.


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