How to be Fashionable & Frugal

A lot of women have the mind set that they can't dress nice, because they aren't rich. Well, I have news for you honey..that's not true at ALL. My husband and I are both Christian School teachers...let's just say we are definitely not rolling in the dough. The average public school teacher makes $47,855 in Florida, my husband and I together don't even make close to that! (Not complaining, just trying to paint a picture of our finances!) Believe me, we are NOT in this profession for the money, we just love serving God. But, with that being said, I don't ever want to look as broke as I am! :)

I know the rut women fall into after having kids and getting comfortable in their marriage. They stop trying to fix themselves up, because they don't want to be selfish. I promise you, that is a bad decision to make. Don't let yourself go, and blame it on being a mom. There are MANY moms that are still fashionable, in shape, and not rich. Don't make excuses for yourself. You just have to have a game plan! I know this might hurt to hear, but I love you, and I'm trying to help some of you! Your husbands and kids will appreciate you taking care of yourself! In two weeks, I'm going to share with you the secret of losing weight. Hopefully that will also help some ladies struggling with this area.

The key to having a great wardrobe for a small price is knowing where to shop and what to shop for. Here's some tips to help you become fashionable & frugal:

1. Know what you need before you go shopping. Unless you have the money to blow, don't just wander around "shopping." If you want to be frugal, you only need to shop when you need something. Next week, I will do a post on essential items you should have in your closet. When I'm shopping I'm always looking for specific items. If I don't find that item, I don't just buy other random things, I leave and try again another day.

2. Go to the thrift stores first. Before you head to the mall, always look at Goodwill or a consignment shop first! I find SO many essential pieces from Goodwill. You can't beat their prices. But, you need to know what you're looking for at thrift stores or you can come out looking frumpy and not classy.

3. Invest in classic pieces. I wrote a blog post on it last year, and it gives you tips on what to buy when you're out shopping. For example, I wear my navy skirt at least once or twice every 2 weeks. A navy skirt is an investment, because I will wear it A LOT. So to me, $20 for a classic, navy skirt is worth it. (If you can't find one thrifted!) I get MOST of my pencil skirts from JCPenney.

4. Buy cheap trendy jewelry & accessories. Right now the big craze is a plaid blanket scarf from Zara, it's $69...Ha. I wouldn't spend $70 on a scarf if my life depended on it, especially on a trendy piece like that! But, I would buy a replica one from eBay for $12.99! :) You just have to shop smart. I bought 2 statement necklaces from Charlotte Russe yesterday for $10! I won't spend that much on trendy statement necklaces, because they go out of style so quick! You can also find cheap, classic jewelry online, like these gorgeous cubic zirconia studs for $6.

5. Buy remixable pieces I don't buy a skirt or shirt, unless I can think of at least 3 or 4 different outfits I can wear with it off the top of my head. That's why I tend to buy solids or stripes a lot! :)

There's nothing wrong with being stylish & modern along with our modest outfits. You will draw more people to Christ if you look classy and fashionable. No one wants to come to your church if they are trendy and everyone in the church is frumpy looking! That is a big turn-off to the world! As long as we are modest, I don't see why you wouldn't want to be fashionable too!

With this post being about being frugal and fashionable, I decided to wear an outfit completely from Goodwill!

 photo frugal1.jpg

I found this peplum top at Goodwill yesterday, and I got this black skirt at Goodwill last year, and my nude heels I found at Goodwill two years ago!

 photo frugal2.png

 photo frugal3.jpg

Tomorrow's challenge is Mani Monday, so if you're following the challenge, get ready to show off your nails!! Here's some inspiration.

 photo 20140929_065609.jpg

Here's some of my outfits from the past week challenges! (Bright color combo, make a statement, favorite handbag)

 photo 20141001_120744.jpg

 photo 20141001_120711.jpg

 photo 20141003_123631.jpg

Stay tuned for Wednesday, when my dear friend Tara shares her fall color combo series post!

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  1. Dear Lauren..i think this is the first time writing. Thank you for all the outfits that encourage and give great ideas. I love this article because i enjoy having a core wardrobe and finding nice pieces at thrift stores. Im 58 years old, wife, mother to grown children and grandmother and at this season of life simplifying even my wardrobe. I think it helps to keep up with styles (mine is classic) and bring beauty to your surroundings especially on a budget. Thank you once again.

  2. Your thrifted outfit is beautiful, Whitney! These are really great shopping reminders and tips. =)


    I hope you are having a great weekend!


  3. I think that's one of the reasons I was drawn to your blog, because I noticed you are so trendy, but your clothes are either thrifted or they were bought on sale. And you also wear the same pieces over again, just different ways. People have asked me many times where I get my clothes. The funny thing is, a lot of them are from Goodwill or either I've had them a long time or whatever. I definitely believe we should try to look our best, but that we shouldn't spend too much money on our physical appearance. That's why I love that you look trendy on a budget! Thanks for having this blog!

  4. ,I enjoy your blog so much! I'm a 44 year old, homeschooling mama now! and I dress stylishly and modestly for many similar reasons :-) I don't exclusively wear skirts, but I believe that our appearance helps draw people to our testimonies....
    its hard to take care of yourself-- but, I make it a priority, too.... it helps me keep up with all the demands of taking care of a 10 yr old, 8 yr old, and 6 yr old boys!! I do now as much for my health as my appearance! I enjoy your blog so much :-)
    Leanne in Indiana

  5. I LOVE this post! I look forward to hearing what you have to share. I love going to Goodwill also. My husband and I are in the same boat as you and your husband. We do what we can and i'm still able to dress Modest but stylish from Goodwill and other thrift stores.

    God Bless you sister!

  6. I love ALL your looks! I can't even decided which is the cutest. I think this post is fantastic! I totally agree. I follow a lot of these rules too. So glad I found you through Shopping My Closet.

    Come link up with me at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!



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