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I get lots of questions on things like, "Is this still in style?"..."Is this shirt modern?"..."Is this skirt length in style?"..."Is this necklace still modern?" So, I'm going to give some of my personal tips that I use when I go shopping to help you buy clothes that aren't going to be a waste of money and have to be donated the next season, because they're out of style.

1. Do not buy patterned bottoms, unless it's a classic pattern, such as polka dots, stripes, or leopard. I get many people ask me if their floral skirt from 1990 is still in style....OF course it's not, unless you can find the same print currently in the mall, it's probably not in style anymore. So my rule of thumb is to buy solid colored straight skirts, because they are a classic style. Granted, some colors go out of style, but I don't spend over $15 on colors I know are seasonal.

2. Don't spend a lot on trendy items. For example, the bubble necklace was a big trend this past year. J.Crew's version was over $100 when it first came out..I bought mine off eBay for $12. I knew it was a "trend" that wasn't going to last forever, therefore I didn't invest my money in that. Another example, I am currently looking for a gingham shirt, but I know it's a current trend, therefore I'm trying to find one less that $15, because I know it won't be in style very long. Make sense?

3. I use my jewelry, accessories, and tops as my trendy pieces. Reason is, these items are often the cheapest to buy. I always find cute trendy shirts from TJMaxx for $12.99, and if they go out of style in 6 months, I didn't break the bank trying to be trendy! :) I also buy my jewelry from Rue 21, Forever 21, or offline, to get the latest jewelry trends, but also not pay more than $10 on a necklace or bracelet.

4. Invest in your solids. I'm not going to lie, if I find a solid mustard skirt for $25 and under, I'm buying it! To me, it is an investment, because I will wear it all fall and next fall. I spend money on pieces I know I will wear on a weekly basis. Solid Cardigans or blazers are also a great investment. I have a cardigan in almost every color, because I wear one almost on a daily basis. They are definitely worth $20 to me.

5. Throw away clothes you haven't worn in 6 months. Unless, it's your winter clothes and it's summer, if you get to the end of fall and notice you didn't touch 4 of your long, plaid frumpy skirts that you don't look your best in, then donate them to Goodwill or consign them! Don't cling on to clothes! You don't NEED that oversized sweater from college...Give it up! ;) When I got married to my husband, we did a fashion show, and told me yes or no to every item that I wasn't sure about and I tossed them!

Hope that helped some of you ladies struggling with what to look for when out shopping, and what to do with your out-dated wardrobe! Save up and replace some of the things you give away with new items that won't need to be thrown away for a very long time!

Also, the TWO winners of the $25 JUNIEblake gift cards are Sarah Webb and Hannah Nossa! Congrats! Thank you for all of your participation! Love you all! ♥

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  1. This is great! I actually have a series planned starting next Wednesday that is focused on creating a mixable wardrobe. I also as taking about the need to buy classic solids and using shirts, jewelry, and scarves as the trend pieces. I have a hard time on the Modern Modesty group when people post things that are obviously outdated, I never post that they need to go, but many obviously do. I think this post is very well written!

  2. What a fun idea to do a fashion show! I had a couple pieces I wasn't sure about, and made my boyfriend give the final verdict. Sometimes you just need an "outsiders" opinion to know if its worth keeping or not!

  3. I have really been trying to do more solid bottoms and only patterned tops....and I am trying to collect lots of different colored solid sweaters....with what I already have its been great to mix and match!

    Feminine Modesty

  4. P.S. - a blog post especially on skirt lengths would be GREAT!!! :) I have long legs and cute skirts that are feet-skimming on most girls are like just above my ankles. I don't feel my best in them...but I'm not sure what's flattering and what's not!

  5. My rule is that I make sure I love what I'm wearing--because if I love it, that means it doesn't matter if it's "technically" stylish or not!

  6. Great tips! I really have been able to get rid of more clothes that I haven't worn and am focusing on purchasing classic pieces that really never go out of style. I also have become totally OK avoiding certain trendy styles that just don't look good on me!

  7. Wow! i found your blog a few weeks ago and the more i read the more i see we are so much alike! These are exactly the things i think about when shopping! Well put togather! Thanks for all you do!

  8. Thanks for the tips, I will be cleaning out my closet soon and getting more classic pieces.

  9. New to your blog! I really enjoy it. I too am a youth pastor's wife in Mississippi. I stumbled across your blog when I was looking for modern yet modest clothes. Researching I guess you would say, for the girls in our youth group. I don't want them thinking that being modest is dressing boring! Thanks for creating this blog!

  10. You are darling! I do fashion shows for my hubby and the best part is " How much do you think I paid?" I love bringing home 4 dollar pieces that look like so much more than I paid !!!! Keep being adorable!
    Teacher to the Core


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