Vintage 1920s Look

Today was Old-Fashioned Sunday at church! When I think of "old-fashioned," I think of the 1920s...maybe it's because I just watched Great Gatsby Friday night! But, I am in love with that era! From their hair, to their flawless make-up, and their beautiful dresses...I love it all! I am a sucker for vintage looks, and I took this opportunity to wear my vintage looking a-line dress, white floppy hat, and s-curls in my hair for church! I found two awesome tutorials on YouTube that helped me tremendously with my hair and make-up. If you ever need to dress up, check them out!

 photo vintage.jpg
 photo vintage2.jpg
 photo vintage3.jpg
 photo vintage4.jpg

How many of you would have rather lived in those days? They truly were the epitome of classy fashion!
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  1. This is such a cute look! It's vintage without being too costume-y. Your hair looks so pretty!

  2. what a cute idea for church! love ur look lady...a great hat is always a nice touch :)

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  3. Perfectly 'old--fashioned'. I like to dress in this style occasionally, with or without a special event to attend!

  4. This is such a pretty look! The hat completes the outfit!

  5. So pretty. Great outfit. I totally agree, i feel like they knew how to dress back then. You look very pretty.



  6. So fun you have a day like this at church. You look super cute :)

  7. Very pretty outfit! Love the dress! So lovely!

  8. The blue and white color scheme is so pretty and fresh! Love that dress!

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  9. my church is doing the same thing and my husband picked the 1920s for us to dress up but im having a really hard time putting my outfit together. but after seeing what u have picked out and ur hair everythings seems to be easier now so thank you very much


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