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With the summer quickly approaching, I wanted to give you ladies some modest swimwear options. One question I get A LOT is what do I wear swimming?... Well, honestly, I rarely swim in public, since both my Mom and I have our own private pools. But in the past, if I was going to the beach, I would usually just wear a normal swimsuit with a sundress over it. (And just not swim) But, it's not fun not being able to swim with the guys and kids, so I began searching for modest swimwear options. I have found two really good options, that don't look too "Hey, I'm weird, because I'm not wearing a bikini..."

One option is from HydroChic. The Inspire Swim and Sport Skirt is a great option that can be paired with any top of your own, or one from HydroChic. They sent me a Tidal Tank Sporty Sleeveless Swim n' Gym Top to try with my skirt, and I really like it! Whether for swim or the gym, this light-weight, chlorine resistant top with a back zippered pocket is breathable and wicks away moisture. I think this a great sporty option for swimwear! They have tons of colors and even have plus sizes as well!

 photo swim1.jpg

The second option I found was a lady named Diana, who makes custom modest swimwear. Her business is SewnByDi, and she can make swimwear for all shapes and sizes. I liked the fact, that you could pick your length and material. I found it a little more feminine, rather than sporty. I chose the polka dot fabric. If you are interested, you can go to her website and fill out a contact form, and she will get back to you about your custom swimwear. Make sure you mention Modern Modesty sent you! :) Here's my swim skirt & top from SewnByDi.

 photo swim2.jpg

I am very excited about my two new swimwear options! If you were looking for some modest swimwear options, I hope this helped you! :) Even when swimming, we can stay modest & classy! ♥

Well, we wrapped one style challenge up, and started another one this week. We started Fearfully, Wonderfully Made May Style challenge on Friday, and if you want to join in, just use the hashtag #fearfullywonderfullymademaystyle on Instagram! You can also "pin" the challenge to remember what each day is.

 photo 11158169_962968693734839_862151098_n-2.jpg

Here's the recap of last week's outfits!

Crazy for Stripes
 photo swim3.jpg

Pinned It & Did It
 photo swim4.jpg

With the Fearfully, Wonderfully Made May Challenge, we challenged you ladies to celebrate some physical, spiritual, or personality trait that you are thankful for. So, I am going to share my praises with you along with my outfits from the May Style Challenge.

Day One: Tassel Love
There could never be a more beautiful you. Don't buy the lies disguises and hoops they make you jump through. You were made to fill a purpose that only you could do. So, there could never be a more beautiful you. // I am so excited to celebrate our individuality in Christ! I was telling my classes yesterday that I believe God made each of us different so that we can use our differences to reach others for Christ. I praise God He made me outgoing, I have used that personality trait to share the gospel with strangers, friends, and family.
 photo swim5.jpg

Day Two: Bold Gold
I am celebrating my skin color. I used to be so self-conscious about being "pale" and spent tons of money tanning...but after both my mom and grandma have had skin cancer, I've learned to embrace my porcelain skin and vowed to be never tan again!
 photo swim7.jpg

Day Three: Tulle or Lace or Both?
Today, I am praising God for the ability to sing. Even though sometimes it gets overwhelming singing almost every service, I am thankful God uses me to bless the people of our church. Singing is one of the many ways I love to praise God!
 photo swim6.jpg

Have a great week! I hope you join in on the May Style Challenge! God Bless ♥

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  1. Creations by Savannah does really good Swimwear too!

  2. I like that first suit.
    AND I love this May list you have going! I totally want to join in!
    Thanks for linking up Lauren!

  3. Modest outfit that also fits for a chic mom.

  4. Thanks for this post. I ordered the hydro chic swim and sport skirt for my upcoming trip to FL.;) Because NO ONE wants to see too much of momma. LOL!


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